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Hell-Spar Anathema
Cosmetic icon Hell-Spar Anathema
Wearable 9746
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Rarity: Immortal
Slot: Left Arm

Forced to his knees before the altar of his own temple, Prelate Vidmar, head of the Order of the Crystal Echelon, knew vile hatred. His flock--acolytes and supplicants alike--lay in pieces around him. As the creature--it could not be called a man--raised its demonic hand once more, the Prelate focused on the fire of his own rage. With final breath, as Lion's dreadful power crashed into his body, Vidmar cursed the Demon Witch. Strengthened by the arcane conduit of the Demon Witch's spell, the Prelate's curse surged into Lion's hand, corrupting it with Crystal Rot. Only by fusing the Prelate's modified headpiece to the afflicted flesh was Lion able to slow the creep of crystalline blight...and a time will come when a more permanent solution must be found.
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This item was awarded to players who leveled The International 2018 Battle Pass to 255. A gem in the item tracks the numbers of Finger of Death icon Finger of Death kills on foes with at least 350 health, and unlocks an additional style after 50 such kills. This is a Prestige Item, and will not be available to players after The International 2018 ends.


The following gems cannot be removed.

  • TI8 Rune: Team First Blood, Tower or Roshan
  • TI8 Rune: Finger of Death where the victim had 350 HP or more


  • Minor custom loadout, idle, and portrait animations not shown. They adjust Lion's position slightly to avoid clipping with the item's model.
Customization Type Preview
Viridian Blight Obsidian Blight
Ambient Effect Hell-Spar Anathema Hell-Spar Anathema Alt
Run Animation1 Hell-Spar Anathema Run
Finger of Death icon Finger of Death Effect

1 Lion swings his left arm less compared to his default run animation.

2 The bar over the killed hero's head represents the target's health bar before they died.

Ability Icons[]

Finger of Death icon Finger of Death
Hell-Spar Anathema Finger of Death icon




  • This item is has internal strings that label it lion_arcana.
  • An anathema may pertain to a strong kind of curse. It is also a curse that is cast by a high ranking member of the Church to excommunicate someone from the Church. In this case, the anathema would be the Crystal Rot curse that was cast by Prelate Vidmar, a high ranking member of his religious order.