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Heart of Nature
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Heroes Leshrac minimap icon.png Leshrac
Enigma minimap icon.png Enigma
Places Terrene Plane
Resources Chronoptic Crystals
▶️ The truth of nature is torment, suffering and decay. But only the wisest see this—which is to say, only Leshrac.
Leshrac's crash course on the evil truth of reality with an added self-promotion

The Heart of Nature is a plane of existence in the world of Dota 2. The heart of nature is a generic name for the same place that Leshrac's lore frequently refers to with different names: nature's blasted core, heart of all creation, heart of existence, core of all existence, etc.


Found only in the depths of all nature and accessible only with the haunted Chronoptic Crystals, this plane of existence is known only to the lone mind of an evil entity. In this hidden plane, nature has become a lurid and vile place.[1] Lurid in this context may have two meanings: it is lurid because it is said to be horrifying and hideous to those who see it,[2] or it may be lurid because it is too brightly and vividly colored, which could possibly be reflected in Leshrac's bright and dissonant color scheme. Here, nature has become a blighted world full of torment, suffering, and decay.[3][4]

There is Chronoptic energy in this plane, which will flow from this plane to another plane when summoned by Leshrac to evaporate anything it touches.[5] Based on the sole elemental who embodies this plane's aspects, unnatural fungi grows in this place, sustained by its tainted waters.[6] Wicked vines grow here as well, which thrives off of anguish, black thoughts, and foul deeds rather than light, air, and water.[7]

According to Leshrac, the forms[8] of all beings spring from this place, which may explain why it is called the heart of nature.[9] If every being's form originates from this blasted nature, then everyone who springs from this place (especially those who exist in the natural world) is technically undergoing an existence of torment that they just aren't aware of, since their origin is a nature made of tormented elements.[10]


The Impurities are the impure powers and elements of the heart of nature.[11] Despite being impure, they can be distilled to their essence for some reason.[12] These Impurities include:

  • Evil winds, of which we know nothing about.[13]
  • Tainted waters that can strengthen and sustain only unnatural life.[14] Anyone who drinks from these waters gets corrupted with outgrowths of fungi and branches[15] that can also spread the corruption further to the souls of those who touch them. The corruption is permanent and irreparable.[16]
  • Sinister energies that replenishes the likes of Leshrac, judging by the voice acting.[17] It may or may not be the Chronoptic energy that is frequently mentioned in Leshrac's lore.
  • Brittle earth, of which we also know nothing about.[18]
  • Pink-purple electricity, summoned from the massive lightning storms of Leshrac.[19]

All of these elements compose the vile and blasted nature that exists within its own depths. The Impurities are in a constant state of torment,[20] and they are described as "witless" for unknown reasons.[21] Although the Impurities and the place they are from are a forbidden knowledge themselves, they cover an even worse layer of mysteries beneath them, which he (Leshrac) seeks to learn through "an end to it all" which might be his death or the destruction of the world.[22]

Much like the natural world's elements of light, air, and water, the Impurities are the elements that sustain the life in this place,[23] even providing reincarnation to those with a special connection to them, such as its sole elemental agent.[21] But any life that they provide is unnatural.[24]

Notable Entities[]


No one lives in this foul place but Leshrac minimap icon.png Leshrac, who describes this world as a cloister[25] and a place of solitude.[26] Leshrac is the guardian of the Impurities that compose this place[27] and he is its only agent.[28] As an elemental who is at one with this vile nature, he is composed of the Impurities that constitute this place.[29][30] Those who are killed, impurified, and broken down to their fundamental elements by his hand and will[31][32][33] are sent back to this place[9] to merge with the Impurities.[34][35] He isn't a native of this plane, but Leshrac is the first and only being to have ever found this plane, thanks to the haunted Chronoptic Crystals that now torture him with the knowledge of this place.[36]

  • Leshrac may give tithes of gold to the Impurities for unknown reasons. It's also unknown what use have the Impurities for gold.[37]
  • He also invokes the Impurities of this plane in his actions.[38][39] Such is his devotion to the Impurities that he even mentions them in an expression of when dying.[40]


Enigma minimap icon.png Enigma seems to know this place. It is known to him as the "core of the universe" or the "fundament of nature" where treasures spring from this place for him to receive.[41][42] This would seem to imply that the heart of nature is actually the foundation of all nature.


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