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Healing Salve
Healing Salve icon.png
A magical salve that can quickly mend even the deepest of wounds.
Bought From
Active Salve
Charges 1
Bonus [?]
Alert allies? No
Healing Salve (110)

The Healing Salve is an item purchasable at the Main Shop, under Consumables. They may also be dug up with a Trusty Shovel icon.png Trusty Shovel.

Additional Information[]

  • Stacks with itself in the inventory, there is no stack limit. The sell value adapts based on the number of instances in a stack.
  • Healing Salves are not shareable, however, they can be cast on allies by holding down the Ctrl key.


Grants 40 health regeneration to the target for 10 seconds.

If the unit is attacked by an enemy hero or Roshan, the effect is lost.
Default Cast Range: 250
Buffer Cast Range: 500
Health Regen Bonus: 40
Duration: 10
Cooldown: 0
Mana: 0
Buff modifier_flask_healing: Dispellable with any dispel.


  • If the target is more than 500 range away, the caster moves to the target until it is within 250 range before casting.
    • If a cast order is given on a target which is within 500 range already, the caster does not need to move closer and casts it right away.
  • The owner does not have to face the target to use this on it.
  • Successive casts on the same target do not stack, but refresh the duration instead.
  • Can regenerate up to 400 health over its full duration.
  • Damage greater than 0 from any player (including allies, excluding self) or Roshan icon.png Roshan dispels the effect.
    • Does not get dispelled by damage flagged as HP Removal.


  • The Healing Salve's effect gets dispelled upon taking player-based damage, so do not use it in the middle of combat.
    • In some situations however, it may be worth it to use it in combat. Even one second long of it healing can be enough to prevent deaths in some situations.
  • Depending on the hero, in the early-game, one Salve can refill about 50%-100% of a hero's health. It spares the hero from having to move back to the team's fountain to heal back up, which can take a lot of time, or cost the player a Town Portal Scroll icon.png Town Portal Scroll.
    • Unlike Tango icon.png Tangos, Healing Salves are more suited for a defensive lane. If the lane carry tries to farm and takes some damage, he can fall back for a short time to quickly heal back up and continue farming.


  • Prior to patch 6.54 in the original DotA, Healing Salve was known as "Flask of Sapphire Water". The name, along with its icon, was likely changed to help visually differentiate it from Bottle (Full) icon.png Bottle.


Recent Changes[]

  • Salve
    • Reduced health regeneration bonus from 50 to 40.
    • Increased duration from 8 to 10.
    • Total health restored remains 400.
  • Salve is no longer disabled by self-inflicted damage.