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Greevil Whistle
Greeviling Greevil Whistle icon
Cost 0 Gold
Sell Value -
Active Transform
Charges 1 INIT
Bonus ?
Shareable No
Usage Alert ? No
Greevil Whistle (0)

The Greevil Whistle is an item found during the Greeviling event. It is given to all players at the start of the match inside an Greeviling Xmas Stocking icon Xmas Stocking.


Use the Greevil Whistle to temporarily transform into your Greevil!
Channel Time: 2
Cooldown symbol

  • Despite showing it has one stack, this item never runs out.
  • The Greevil form and the abilities depend on the Greevil the user has equipped.
  • When toggled on, the hero gets hidden and moved along with the Greevil.
  • When toggled off, the Greevil gets hidden and moved along with the hero.
  • Plays a different sound when toggling Off.
  • The whistle part of the sounds are audible to the user only.