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Greevil Egg
Cosmetic icon Greevil Egg
Rarity: Rare
Slot: N/A

A hard, scaled egg that seems to be alive and almost ready to hatch. It hungers for the magical energies contained in Diretide essences. What comes out will be determined by the type and amount of magic the egg consumes.
Created By
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15 September 2015
Purchase, Chests: #17, #21

It is said (by some elder sage or other) that the hatchlings are highly susceptible, and that each essence exerts a unique influence on the incubating creature. Is there method to this madness? Trial and error, and some comparison of results, will surely reveal the rules of Greevil husbandry.

Greevil Eggs could be bought from the store, traded for, dropped in-game, or found in a chest. Each egg could be imbued with one of several Essences, which could be traded for or acquired during Diretide 2012, Frostivus 2012, and Diretide 2013. A single Greevil Egg was given out to those who defeated Roshan during Diretide 2012.

Every Greevil Egg could be slotted with up to nine Common Essences (up to three each of Quas, Wex, and Exort Essences), or a single Shadow Essence. Different Essence combinations produced different egg names and colors, and when the player decided to hatch it sometime after Diretide 2012, they would receive a Greevil courier in one of nine colors and with different physical properties, depending on the Essence combination used. Additionally, each egg could be imbued with up to three Unusual Essences, with each increasing the intensity of the particle effect corresponding with the color of the hatched Greevil courier.

Essence Types:

  • Common Essence:
    • Quas Essence
    • Wex Essence
    • Exort Essence
  • Rare Essence:
    • Unusual Essence
    • Shadow Essence

Egg Combinations:

  • Red Eggs:
    • Ferocious Egg: 1 Exort Essence
    • Brutal Egg: 2 Exort Essence
    • Merciless Egg: 3 Exort Essence
  • Yellow Eggs:
    • Anxious Egg: 1 Wex Essence
    • Eager Egg: 2 Wex Essence
    • Spirited Egg: 3 Wex Essence
  • Blue Eggs:
    • Stubborn Egg: 1 Quas Essence
    • Resolute Egg: 2 Quas Essence
    • Determined Egg: 3 Quas Essence
  • Green Eggs:
    • Covetous Egg: 2 Quas / 2 Wex Essence
    • Greedy Egg: 3 Quas / 3 Wex Essence
  • Orange Eggs:
    • Ravenous Egg: 2 Exort / 2 Wex Essence
    • Voracious Egg: 3 Exort / 3 Wex Essence
  • Purple Eggs:
    • Cruel Egg: 2 Exort / 2 Quas Essence
    • Wicked Egg: 3 Exort / 3 Quas Essence
  • White Eggs:
    • Blessed Egg: 2 Quas / 2 Wex / 2 Exort Essence
    • Seraphic Egg: 3 Quas / 3 Wex / 3 Exort Essence
  • Black Eggs:
    • Dreaded Egg: 1 Shadow Essence
      • Note: Adding a Shadow Essence to an egg will override any other essences put into it, turning it into a Dreaded Egg.
  • Natural Eggs:
    • Imbued Egg: All other combinations
  • Unusual Eggs:
    • Adding an Unusual Essence to an Egg places a glowing ring around its picture. Up to three of these rings may be added this way.