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Cosmetic icon Greevil
Courier 10070
Rarity: Mythical
Slot: Courier

A strange beast infused with magic. Its color, appearance, and abilities are determined by the types of magical essences it was exposed to while still an egg.
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This article is about the courier. For other uses, see Greevil (Disambiguation)

This courier's appearance is determined by the types of Essences it was exposed to while still a Greevil Egg. Players could use their Greevils in Frostivus 2012's The Greeviling game mode, where each Greevil was given a set of abilities.


Each Greevil courier has a set of possible cosmetic properties that differ depending on the Essences that were used on its egg.

Property Associated Color Essences Used Result
Horns Red 1 Exort Essence Stubby Greevil Horns
2 Exort Essence Wicked Greevil Horns
3 Exort Essence Massive Greevil Horns
Shadow Essence Demonic Greevil Horns
Teeth Orange 0 Wex and Exort Essences Simple Greevil Teeth
1 Wex and Exort Essences Sharp Greevil Teeth
2 Wex and Exort Essences Toothy Greevil Teeth
Shadow Essence Jagged Greevil Teeth
Tail Yellow 1 Wex Essence Thin Greevil Tail
2 Wex Essence Balanced Greevil Tail
3 Wex Essence Spiked Greevil Tail
Shadow Essence Evil Greevil Tail
Hair Purple 1 Quas and Exort Essences Short Greevil Hair
2 Quas and Exort Essences Long Greevil Hair
Nose Blue 1 Quas Essence Modest Greevil Nose
2 Quas Essence Hooked Greevil Nose
3 Quas Essence Horned Greevil Nose
Ears Green 1 Quas and Wex Essences Perky Greevil Ears
2 Quas and Wex Essences Pointed Greevil Ears
Wings The greatest amount of duplicate Common Essences affects the scaling of the wings 0 or 1 duplicates Barely Functional Greevil Wings
2 duplicates Functional Greevil Wings
3 duplicates Elaborate Greevil Wings
Shadow Essence Gothic Greevil Wings
Eyes None Doesn't matter Googly Greevil Eyes
Feathers Black Shadow Essence Shaggy Greevil Feathers


Up to three Unusual Essences could be socketed into a single Greevil Egg, and each increased the intensity of the particle effect corresponding with the color of the hatched Greevil courier: the first imbued Unusual Essence resulted in a general aura effect, the second added a searing eye effect, and the third added a particle trail.