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Golems are a species of elementals in the Dota 2 world.


As a type of elemental, golems are one with the earth. This doesn't mean that they are the earth itself, but rather they are made of the earth and thus are separate entities from it. Their harmony with the earth element simply comes from the fact that they are born from the natural earth.[1] Their affinity with the earth means that some are made of rock such as granite, while others are made of hardened mud.

Mud Golems do not seem to die when shattered. Instead, they splinter into smaller Shard Golems by transferring their spirit into the pieces that once made up their original body.[2] They can also throw boulders at targets, but they seem to hesitate doing this and are implied to be afraid of doing this for unknown reasons.[3]

According to Grek, golems are very resistant to physical damage but their natural durability can be bypassed by magic.[4]


The golems appear to be dull creatures, but they seem to be able to grasp the concept of betting money.[5] Golems can be lazy sometimes and may sleep on the job.[6]



Like most elementals, golems may serve a master who may create these golems from the earth element.[1] Their masters keep them in check so that they aren't left to their own device and don't wreak havoc on anyone that isn't made of rock.[7]

Warlock minimap icon.png Warlock's Chaotic Offering is described as an ability that summons a golem, even though it is technically a demon from the Outer Hells. Demnok knows that it's a demon[8] and the "golem" knows this as well.[9] However, he calls them "golems" in Dota Underlords.[10][11] He does have legitimate golems under his control, case in point the Obsidian Golem.

Anessix can summon demonic golems that resemble Ishul-Shog the Watcher, a demon that can be summoned by Demnok.[12] Yet another case of erroneously calling demons as golems.

The sorceress Yulsaria once summoned ice golems to use as her army, but they were destroyed by the Eldwurm Slyrak.[13]

In the spinoff game Dota Underlords, agents of the Quorum from Weeping Rose have forged golems and utilized them to attack Hobgen, the Underlord of New Tenebrous in White Spire after Momma Eeb's death nullified the non-aggression pact between White Spire and Weeping Rose.[14] Meanwhile, in the district of Port Slipshade in White Spire, Jull took it to himself and his goons to purge the untamed golems wreaking havoc in his district.[7] The Quorum's agents with their golems also came to Jull's domain to intimidate him with their familiars, but Jull's "Rock Breaker" title isn't just for show.[15]


Tiny minimap icon.png Tiny speculates that he may have started out as a mere fragment from a golem's heel, but even he is uncertain about it.[16][17]


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