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Greevil's Greed icon.png
▶️ Now that's how you make gold.

Gold is the currency used to buy items or instantly revive your hero. Gold can be earned from killing heroes, creeps, or buildings.

Reliable & Unreliable Gold

A player's gold is split into reliable gold and unreliable gold. The passive gold income of every player, as well as gold gained from activating bounty runes, is considered reliable gold, while any other source of gold income is considered unreliable gold.

The difference between the two is how each one is spent:

  • Dying only takes away gold from the unreliable gold pool.
  • Buying items uses up the unreliable gold first before falling back to reliable gold.
  • Buyback uses reliable gold first.

Hovering the mouse courser over the gold display in the HUD shows brings up a tooltip showing reliable and unreliable gold totals.

Acquiring gold

Starting gold

Every hero starts with 600 gold and 1 Town Portal Scroll icon.png Town Portal Scroll at the beginning of the game. If the player randoms, they are given a Faerie Fire icon.png Faerie Fire and an Enchanted Mango icon.png Enchanted Mango as well. None of these free items can be sold.

Periodic gold

Each player passively receives 1 reliable gold every 0.6 seconds (starting from 0:00 on the game clock), which results in 100 gold every minute, at the start of the game. This periodic gold increases over time based on the in-game clock.

Time in game GPM from this time onward
0 minutes 100 GPM
5 minutes 106 GPM
22 minutes 112 GPM
40 minutes 120 GPM
62 minutes 128 GPM

The following abilities passively grant gold as well

Bounty Rune

Main Article: Bounty Rune

No Target
Self / Allies
Grants bonus Gold.
Initial Spawn Team Gold: 40
Following Spawn Base Team Gold: 36
Following Spawn Extra Team Gold per Interval: 9
Extra Team Gold Interval: 300
Cooldown: 0


  • The initial runes spawning at the 0:00 minute mark give a fixed amount of 40 gold to each player.
  • Following Bounty Runes grant a base amount of 36, plus 9 extra gold for every 5 minutes past.
    • When bottling a Bounty Rune, it grants gold based on the time at which it is activated, not bottled.
  • Using a stored Bounty Rune with Bottle only grant 2 charges.
  • Grants reliable gold to each player of the team that picks it up.
  • An over-head text shows how much gold was given exactly. This number is not visible to enemies.
  • When gaining gold from a Bounty Rune, a small golden particle effect briefly bursts from the player, visible to everyone.
  • In Turbo Mode, the gold given by Bounty Runes is doubled. (despite the notification message showing standard values)


A few items and abilities are able to directly grant gold to the player in different ways.

  • Greevil's Greed icon.png
    Base Gold Bonus: 3
    Extra Gold Bonus per Stack: 3
    Stack Duration: 36
    Bounty Rune Multiplier: 1.5/2/2.5/3
    Gold Type: Unreliable
    Bonus gold from Greevil's Greed can reach a maximum of 15/18/21/24 gold per kill.
  • Jinada icon.png
    Gold Stolen: 12/20/28/36 (Talent 62/70/78/86)
    Gold Type: Unreliable
  • Track icon.png
    Self Bonus Gold: 130/225/320 (Talent 380/475/570)
    Allies Bonus Gold: 40/80/120 (Talent 290/330/370)
    Gold Type: Unreliable
    Bonus gold is awarded if enemy is killed while Tracked. The enemy's current gold is visible in the Track tooltip.
  • Devour icon.png
    Gold Gain: 60/120/180/240 (Talent )
    Gold Type: Unreliable
    Bonus gold is awarded after a wait period of seconds.
  • Hand of Midas icon.png
    Gold Gain: 160
    Gold Type: Unreliable
    Does not give the creep's regular bounty.

Hero kills

Hero kills grant unreliable gold to the killer. The first hero that is killed in a match gives a bonus 135 Gold unreliable gold to the killer; this is called ▶️ First Blood!. Bonus gold is also awarded for stopping kill streaks.

When a hero dies to enemy creeps or an enemy tower and has not been damaged by any enemy heroes in the last 20 seconds (regardless of distance between heroes), the kill gold is split among all enemy heroes. When a hero dies to enemy creeps or an enemy tower and has been damaged by only one enemy, that enemy is credited with the kill. When a hero dies to enemy creeps or an enemy tower and has been damaged by two or more enemies, the gold is split equally amongst all heroes that assisted. Damage negation to 0 credits as assist too.

Every time a hero kills an enemy hero, the killer is awarded unreliable gold using the following formula:

Hero Kills Base Gold First Blood Gold
120 Gold 135 Gold

Kill Streaks

As a hero accrues multiple kills without dying that player is said to be on a Kill Streak. An additional gold bounty is granted to the player that ends another player's kill streak; this is sometimes called Shutdown Gold. Kill streaks start at 3 kills and increase for each kill up to 10 kills, but do not increase beyond 10 kills.

The streak bounty is defined by the following formula:

Streak length Streak name Streak value
0, 1, 2 N/A N/A 0
3 ▶️ Player is on a killing spree 100 Gold
4 ▶️ Player is dominating 135 Gold
5 ▶️ Player is on a mega Kill streak 170 Gold
6 ▶️ Player is unstoppable! 205 Gold
7 ▶️ Player is wicked sick 240 Gold
8 ▶️ Player is on a monster kill streak 275 Gold
9 ▶️ Player is GODLIKE 310 Gold
10+ ▶️ Player is beyond GODLIKE, someone kill them!! 345 Gold
Announcer responses are customizable

The following deaths do not stop kill streaks or count as ▶️ First Blood!:

Assists (AoE gold)

Allied heroes within 1500 radius of a killed enemy, including the killer, receive experience and unreliable gold if they assisted in the kill. To qualify for an assist, the allied hero either has to be within the given radius of the dying enemy hero, or have damaged or debuffed the enemy hero. Note that the assist counter on the scoreboard only counts assists if the player dealt damage or applied a debuff to the victim, or if they applied a buff to the killer, but gold and experience are awarded independently of the "assist" counter.

The amount of assist gold received is the same for the killer and all assisting heroes. It is calculated using the following formula:

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(30 + Victim Net Worth x 0.038) / Number of Heroes


Main Article: Buildings

When an enemy tower is destroyed, unreliable gold is awarded to each player on your team. The player that got the last hit on the building is credited with destroying it and receives some bonus unreliable gold. If a tower gets denied, both teams get half its team gold bounty. If no player gets the last hit and the tower instead dies to lane creeps, no player gets the extra bonus gold.

Building Bounty Total Bounty Awarded Deny Bounty
Tower (Tier 1) 90 Gold to each player
75–165 Gold to killing player
525–615 Gold 45 Gold to each player
Tower (Tier 2) 110 Gold to each player
95–185 Gold to killing player
645–735 Gold 55 Gold to each player
Tower (Tier 3) 125 Gold to each player
115–205 Gold to killing player
740–830 Gold 62.5 Gold to each player
Tower (Tier 4) 145 Gold to each player
135–225 Gold to killing player
860–950 Gold 72.5 Gold to each player
Melee Barracks 155 Gold to each player
90–135 Gold to killing player
865–910 Gold -
Ranged Barracks 90 Gold to each player
90–135 Gold to killing player
540–585 Gold -
Effigy Building 68 Gold to killing player 68 Gold -

Lane creeps

The bounty for normal creeps increases by 1 gold every upgrade cycle (7 minutes 30 seconds), while the bounty for super creeps increases by 1.5 gold every upgrade cycle.

Creep Starting Bounty
Mega Ranged Creep Radiant model.png Mega Ranged Creep
19–25 Gold
Melee Creep Radiant model.png Super Melee Creep
20–26 Gold
Mega Melee Creep Radiant model.png Mega Melee Creep
Ranged Creep Radiant model.png Super Ranged Creep
21–19 Gold
Melee Creep Radiant model.png Melee Creep
34–39 Gold
Ranged Creep Radiant model.png Ranged Creep
43–52 Gold
Siege Creep Radiant model.png Siege Creep
59–72 Gold
Siege Creep Radiant model.png Super Siege Creep

Neutral creeps

Main Article: Neutral creeps

When stacking neutral creeps, the stacking player gains gold equal to 30% of whatever the allied player farming the stacked camp gets.


Roshan model.png
135 Gold to each player on the killing team
200–290 Gold to killing player
Aegis of the Immortal icon.png Aegis of the Immortal
Cheese icon.png Cheese (from 2nd respawn onward)
Refresher Shard icon.png Refresher Shard or Aghanim's Blessing icon.png Aghanim's Blessing (from 3rd respawn onward)


Main Article: Summons




Main Article: Item selling

Items can be sold for half the price they were bought for. Items can be resold within 10 seconds after purchase for the full price. Using an item prohibits selling it for the full price. For example, purchasing a Manta Style icon.png Manta Style and activating it immediately cancels the 10 seconds, only allowing you to sell it for half the price. The same applies when buying multiple Observer Ward icon.png Observer Wards, placing one down, and attempting to sell the remainder. This is the case with any usable item, including Dagon 1 icon.png Dagon, Arcane Boots icon.png Arcane Boots and Power Treads icon.png Power Treads.

Items that have been purchased while dead can be sold if that item was bought during the same death, otherwise items cannot be sold while dead, even within the grace period. This is a measurement to ensure that players cannot exploit spending all their gold prior to death and selling back the stashed items within the grace period after death to cut down on potentially lost gold.

Selling items gives unreliable gold, even if they were bought with reliable gold.

Selling an item while that item's ability is active does not cancel the ability. Selling and rebuying an item does not reset ability cooldowns.

Spending (or losing) gold

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Picking a hero

All players start off with 800 gold. Picking or randoming a hero in any mode costs you 200 gold, leaving you with 600 gold. You lose two gold per second if you have not picked a hero after the selection timer runs out in All Pick.


The main purpose of gold is to purchase items. The player with the most gold is able to buy the most powerful items, and therefore has a very strong hero. The items each player buys depend on their role in the team and many other factors. Items can be sold back to the shop for half the price, unless they are sold within 10 seconds of being bought and their active ability has not yet been used (e.g. Bottle (Full) icon.png Bottle or Arcane Boots icon.png Arcane Boots), in which case they are sold back for the full price.

Item Cost
Abyssal Blade 6325
Aeon Disk 3000
Aether Lens 2275
Aghanim's Blessing 5800
Aghanim's Scepter 4200
Aghanim's Shard 1400
Arcane Blink 6800
Arcane Boots 1300
Armlet of Mordiggian 2475
Assault Cuirass 5125



Every time a hero dies, they lose Net Worth/40 unreliable gold. Dying does not take away reliable gold.

Respawn time

Main Article: Respawning


Main Article: Buyback
Buyback icon, located below the hero icon after a buyback
▶️ Buyback stinger

While dead, the player has the option to use ▶️ BUYBACKBuyback, spending money in order to instantly respawn at the fountain. However, the buyback ability has a long cooldown of 480 and has a scaling gold cost. Buyback takes away from reliable gold first, which allows the player to ensure a buyback by accumulating enough reliable gold which is not lost on death. It has a base cost of 200 Gold and in addition of a scaling extra cost rounded down based on the hero's net worth.

Besides the potentially high gold cost, buyback also increases the next respawn time by 25 seconds.

Buyback Cost Buyback Respawn Time Increase Buyback Cooldown
25 Cooldown symbol.png 480

Abandoning the game

After being disconnected from the game for more than 5 minutes, all of your gold is equally divided between the remaining players on your team, including your 1.67 gold/sec passive gold gain. If 1/2/3/4 players have abandoned, the remaining players receive 2.08/2.78/4.17/8.33 gold/sec. The passive bonus gold gain is restored once you reconnect to the game, but any gold that was distributed is not reimbursed.

Recent Changes

Main Article: Gold/Changelogs
  • Fixed buyback not being usable if the hero is disabled while dead (e.g. during Toss or Winter's Curse, which are not dispelled by death). [?]
  • Reduced buyback cost from 200 + Networth / 12 to 200 + Networth / 13.
  • Increased hero kill bounty from 99 + (KilledHeroLevel * 7.2) + KillStreakValue to 120 + (KilledHeroLevel × 8) + KillStreakValue.
  • Reduced hero kill assist gold from (45 + VictimNetWorth * 0.033) / NumberOfHeroes to (30 + VictimNetWorth * 0.038) / NumberOfHeroes.
  • Increased passive gold income per minute from 85 to 95.