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Tournament icon Global Grand Masters.png Global Grand Masters
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Europe Europe
Start Date:3 July 2016
End Date:26 July 2016
Version:6.88 - 6.88b
Prize Pool:$50,000 USD

Global Grand Masters is a premier tournament organized by ProDotA. 12 total teams will fight in this event to claim the $50,000 total prize pool. 8 team will be invited to the closed qualifier 4 will survive and face against the 4 directly invited team.


  • Four directly invited teams.
  • Four teams from closed qualifier.
  • Double elimination bracket.
  • All games are Best-of-Three with Best-of-Five grand finals.


Invited Teams[]

Team icon Alliance.png
Sweden Loda
Sweden s4
Sweden AdmiralBul…
Sweden EGM
Sweden Akke
Direct Invite
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Team Empire
Team icon Team Empire.png
Russia RAMZES666
Russia Scandal
Russia Afterlife
Russia Miposhka
Russia KingR
Direct Invite
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Team Liquid
Team icon Team Liquid.png
Germany FATA-
Bulgaria MinD_ContRoL
Finland JerAx
Germany KuroKy
Direct Invite
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Vega Squadron
Team icon Vega Squadron.png
Ukraine fn
Ukraine No[o]ne
Ukraine Mag~
Russia Solo
Ukraine CemaTheSla…
Direct Invite
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Qualified Teams[]

Escape Gaming
Team icon Escape Gaming.png
Sweden Era
Germany qojqva
Germany KheZu
Jordan YapzOr
Denmark syndereN
Closed Qualifier
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Ad Finem
Team icon Ad Finem.png
Greece Madara
Greece ThuG
Greece SkyLark
Greece Maybe Next…
Greece SsaSpartan
Closed Qualifier
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Flipsid3 Tactics
Team icon Flipsid3 Tactics.png
Russia Sedoy
Russia tmw
Russia Shachlo
Russia MeTTpuM
Closed Qualifier
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Power Rangers
Team icon Power Rangers.png
Kazakhstan goddam
Romania Arise
Belarus chshrct
Ukraine Bignum
Belarus j4
Closed Qualifier
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  Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Grand Final
Winner's bracket
  Team Empire Team Empire 2
  Escape Gaming Escape Gaming 0
  Team Empire Team Empire 2
  Power Rangers Power Rangers1 1
  Team Liquid Team Liquid 2
  Power Rangers Power Rangers 1
  Team Empire Team Empire 2
  Alliance Alliance 1
  Alliance Alliance 2
  Flipsid3 Tactics Flipsid3 Tactics 0
  Alliance Alliance 2
  Vega Squadron Vega Squadron 0
  Vega Squadron Vega Squadron 2   Team Empire Team Empire Champion 3
  Ad Finem Ad Finem 0   Vega Squadron Vega Squadron 0
Loser's bracket
  Vega Squadron Vega Squadron 2
  Escape Gaming Escape Gaming 2
  Escape Gaming Escape Gaming 1   Alliance Alliance 0
  Power Rangers Power Rangers 1   Vega Squadron Vega Squadron 2
  Vega Squadron Vega Squadron 2
  Power Rangers Power Rangers 0
  Power Rangers Power Rangers 2
  Flipsid3 Tactics Flipsid3 Tactics 0
  Ad Finem Ad Finem 0
  Ad Finem Ad Finem 2

1 Team Liquid withdrew and were replaced by Power Rangers.

Prize Allocation[]

Final Prize Pool: $50,000 USD
Place Team Winnings Percent
A11st  Team Empire Team Empire
$25,000 50%
A22nd  Vega Squadron Vega Squadron
$12,500 25%
A33rd  Alliance Alliance
$7,500 15%
A44th  Power Rangers Power Rangers
$5,000 10%
A55th  Ad Finem Ad Finem
$0 0%
A66th  Escape Gaming Escape Gaming
$0 0%
A77th  Team Liquid Team Liquid
$0 0%
A88th  Flipsid3 Tactics Flipsid3 Tactics
$0 0%