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Glaive of Oscilla
Cosmetic icon Glaive of Oscilla
Wearable 12414
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Rarity: Immortal
Slot: Weapon

Each orb on its own, when far removed from the other two, seemed nothing more than a mundane -- albeit perfectly shaped and polished -- stone sphere. Yet when the three stones were brought within proximity of one another, they began to vibrate so violently as to break the bones of anyone holding one. When a clever tinkerer devised mechanical means to bring the stones within a few paces of each other, the resulting shockwave left him and his hapless apprentice bleeding from the ears, and the stones nowhere to be found. It was only after they were much later recovered by the Aeol Drias that a more effective means of harnessing the power of the stones was discovered.


  • Minor custom loadout animation not shown. It turns Silencer to face towards the screen in order to showcase the item.
Customization Type Preview
Ambient Effect
Attack Effect
Glaives of Wisdom icon Glaives of Wisdom Effect

Ability Icon[]

Glaives of Wisdom icon Glaives of Wisdom
Glaive of Oscilla Glaives of Wisdom icon



  • This item shares aesthetics with Aspect of Oscilla.
  • The word or name "Oscilla" may come from the word "oscillate" which means moving back and forth two points. The Latin word Oscilla is the plural form of the word oscillum which is any mask or crafted face hung as offerings to the gods, such as Bacchus. The oscillum was hung by a string on a tree, causing it to swing back and forth should a wind blow through it. This is the origin of the word "oscillate" that we use today.

Patch History[]

  • Tweaked loadout animation.