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Genuine items are given out with certain promotions, often awarded alongside the purchase of real-world Dota 2 merchandise. The hexadecimal color code for Genuine items is


. Genuine quality items are available for a limited time only, with some Genuine items also being obtainable in non-Genuine quality by other means. All genuine items are available for trade on the Steam Community Market.

Dota 2 Store promos[]

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Perfect World promos[]

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The International 2012[]

Dota 2 Asia Championship 2015[]

Lockless Luckbox[]

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Genuine Treasure of the Shattered Hourglass[]

Sculptor's Monument[]

Treasure of the Emerald Dragon[]

Trove Cask[]

Golden Trove Cask[]

Imbued Lockless Luckvessel[]

The International Compendium 2015[]