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An item with an Ethereal Gem, Prismatic Gem, Inscribed Gem, and an empty socket.

Gems are items that can be placed into sockets to alter or enhance a cosmetic item.

Acquiring Gems[]

Gems can be acquired by:

Gem Types[]

Gem Type Quality Granted Hero-specific Explanation
Unusual No These gems give the item an Unusual particle effect. They are only effective on Unusual couriers. Take care when hammering your unusual couriers.
- No These gems alter the color of an existing Unusual particle effect on the item.
- Yes These gems add or modify one or more new animations to the hero equipping the item. They are hero-specific.
Inscribed Yes/No These gems gives the item the ability to track in-game stats. Adding an Inscribed Gem changes the item's Quality to Inscribed.
- No These gems allow the item to track the number of games viewed in a certain league, tournament, or played by a certain team.
Ascendant No These gems are memorial items that tracked victories or gifts given during the Beta. Adding them to an item will display this record in the item's description.
Autographed No Autograph Runes contain digital signatures from professional players or community members. They are regarded as gems and can be placed into sockets. Adding them to an item will display the signature in the item's description.

Miscellaneous/Individual Gems[]

Gem Quality Granted Hero-specific Explanation
Corrupted No This gems tracks the number of Demons Imprisoned, and gives an item Corrupted quality. It was released for Frostivus 2013.
- No This gem comes with the ASUS ROG DreamLeague Season 1 ticket. It tracks following abilities: Dream Coil icon Dream Coil, Nightmare icon Nightmare, Echo Stomp icon Echo Stomp, Song of the Siren icon Song of the Siren.
- No Once the dust has settled and the new champions have emerged, this gem will awaken alongside an emoticon to show off your support of The International and the competitors by displaying your Compendium level. It will increase in prestige as your Compendium does.
- No This gem tracks the number of consecutive victories predicted by using the Assured Victory Shout in-game. A missed prediction will cause the gem's counter to reset. High numbers of recorded consecutive victories will earn the player trophies in the Gallery of Triumphs.



The socketing screen. This Unusual courier is socketed with an Ethereal Gem and a Prismatic Gem.

Gems can be placed in cosmetic items that have sockets. Most items can have a maximum of nine sockets. Sockets can be viewed and modified inside the Armory by right-clicking an item.

Socket Types[]

Socket Type Gems Held Creating Socket
Common All Other Gems

Removal and Replacement[]

Inserting a gem into a socket that already contains another gem will destroy the existing one. General gems can be extracted with an Artificer's Hammer, and Ethereal and Prismatic gems with a Master Artificer's Hammer. Using a Master Artificer's Hammer on an Unusual courier/Arcana will destroy the courier/arcana.


Tool Explanation Availability
A magical chisel used to add sockets to items. This chisel creates general sockets.

Pictogram tick  Purchase

Pictogram cross  Drop

Pictogram tick  Unbox

Pictogram tick  Craft

A powerful enchanted hammer used to extract gems that have been socketed into items. This hammer cannot be used on unusual couriers.

Pictogram tick  Purchase

Pictogram cross  Drop

Pictogram tick  Unbox

Pictogram tick  Craft

A powerful enchanted hammer used to extract gems that have been socketed into unusual couriers or Arcanas which come with prismatic gems.
This item will destroy the courier or the arcana it is used on.

Pictogram tick  Purchase

Pictogram cross  Drop

Pictogram tick  Unbox

Pictogram tick  Craft

Gem Packs[]

Main Article: Gem Pack

Gem Packs are bundles that were given out on November 14, 2013 to replace Strange Modifiers and Unusual Paints. They contain a gem with the corresponding effect, as well as an Artificer's Chisel to create a socket.

Quality Changes[]

needs user testing and confirmation -Lemon

Gems will change the Quality of an item. In the event of a conflict with an item's existing quality, a priority is followed. Higher priority qualities take precedence.

Example 1: Socketing an Inscribed item with an Autograph Rune will change the item's quality to Autographed.
Example 2: Socketing a Genuine item with an Autograph Rune will not change the item's quality.

Quality Priority
Genuine, Elder, Self-Made, Exalted, Heroic, Auspicious, Frozen, Cursed, Infused, Legacy, Favored 1
Unusual 2
Corrupted 3
Autographed 4
Ascendant 5
Inscribed 6
Normal -