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Fundamentals are powerful primordial entities, each representing the fundamental interactions that make up the universe.


A Fundamental is defined by several things. First, they embody the fundamental laws of the universe who later gained sentience through unknown means.[1][2] They exist across all of the universe's planes of existence at once and thus they are omnipresent forces. The Fundamentals can use this omnipresence to call upon versions of themselves from other planes, but each Fundamental has different ways and applications of this power.

They exist beyond the limits of the physical plane, and possess abilities that defy the laws of nature.[3] Elder Titan minimap icon Elder Titan created the Fundamentals long before the Schism, when he divided the forces of the universe.[4][5] When a Fundamental dies, it returns to the Fundamental Plane.[6]

List of Fundamentals[]

There are four Fundamentals, meaning that some mentions to Fundamentals must be overlapping references to the same entity.[7]

  • 20px|link=Io|class=noprint Io: The Fundamental of electromagnetism. Io is an omnipresent force that embodies the attractive and repulsive forces within the material field and the charge that binds all of existence together, alluding to the complementary forces of electricity and magnetism. When manifesting into the physical plane through the manipulation of electrical waylines, Io appears into the world as a wisp, a manifestation of the merest fraction of its true self.[3]
  • Chaos Knight minimap icon Chaos Knight: Known as the twin rider of Dark,[3] Chaos Knight is the Fundamental of chaos, but responses directed towards him heavily imply that he is the Fundamental of the strong interaction. Among the four Fundamentals, he is the oldest and strongest of them all, drawing strength upon the disorder of the universe.[1] Despite his rather evil and chaotic nature, he seems to have an ulterior motive that would unite the four Fundamentals back into their progenitor plane.[8]
  • Keeper of the Light minimap icon Keeper of the Light: Known as the twin rider of Light,[3] the creator of ancient suns.[9][10] Ezalor is the Fundamental of order, but responses directed towards him heavily imply that he is the Fundamental of the weak interaction. He was the first to depart from the Fundamental plane, separating himself from the other Fundamentals who were all bound together by the great Primordial harmony. His escape defied the first covenant and he is now considered a rogue Fundamental by Chaos Knight, who hunts for him across the world's many planes.[2] Of all the Fundamentals, Ezalor is the only one who explicitly has the ability to control magic and its very essence by manipulating the so-called "harmony" and "Primordial harmony".[11][12]
  • Enigma minimap icon Enigma: The Fundamental of gravitational force, said to be an ancient traveler whose true history is lost to the ages.[3] In truth, Enigma is a Fundamental, a destructive force of nature grown sentient and hungry, consuming all that dares to exist. His mystery is only matched by the depths of his power, having the ability to channel singularities upon the world in the form of superdense black holes[13] He has taken an interest towards the ambitious alchemists of the material plane, luring them to his eternal servitude with the promise of fundamental power contained within dozens of fake journals "written" by a legendary alchemist named Jovat Kazran.[14]


  • The Fundamentals were originally known as the Five Founders, likely with Elder Titan minimap icon Elder Titan making up the fifth member.[15]
  • Most of the lore behind the Fundamentals draws reference from the real life fundamental interactions in physics and other related concepts.
    • In physics, grand unified theories and superunified theories postulate that the four fundamental forces were once unified into a single force. This theory was turned into a concept of the story that is alluded to in the lore of the Fundamentals[2] especially in Enigma's unused ally responses.
    • Pertaining to the unification of the four forces, it was gravity that separated first from the other forces. However, Dota 2's version has the weak force (represented by the Keeper of the Light minimap icon Keeper of the Light) separating from the other forces first.


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