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Frostivus 2019 was a winter event that ran from December 18, 2019 to January 02, 2020. Players could complete a special rewards line by playing normal matches, which earned lottery wheel spins and Frostivus 2019 Treasures. This event was released alongside Flockheart's Gamble, an Arcana item for Ogre Magi minimap icon.png Ogre Magi.


  • During Frostivus, players can earn points and levels by winning matchmaking games, similar to a Battle Pass. 1,000 Frostivus Points are needed to gain a level.
  • Casual and ranked matches award 200 points per win. Turbo Mode awards 100 points per win.
  • The first win of each day awards an extra 1250 points.

Points and Levels[]

Frostivus 2019 Treasure Splash.png
  • Consumable rewards and wheel spins expire on January 17, 2020.
  • Dota Plus subscribers get more rewards.
Level Reward
1 Pile of Snowballs x20
Festive Fireworks x20
Snowman Noses x20
Summon Penguin x20
Nice Plays x2
2 Chat Wheel Line:
▶️ Sleighbells
3 Pile of Snowballs x20
Dota Plus Winter Versus Screen
4 Snowman Noses x20
5 Chat Wheel Line:
▶️ Sparkling Celebration
6 Reward Wheel Spin
Dota Plus Reward Wheel Spin
7 Festive Fireworks x20
8 Nice Plays x2
9 Summon Penguin x20
10 Frostivus High Five
Dota Plus Pile of Snowballs x20
Dota Plus Festive Fireworks x20
Dota Plus Snowman Noses x20
Dota Plus Summon Penguin x20
11 Pile of Snowballs x20
12 Reward Wheel Spin
Dota Plus Reward Wheel Spin
13 Snowman Noses x20
14 Festive Fireworks x20
15 Chat Wheel Line:
▶️ ▶️ ▶️ ▶️ ▶️ ▶️ ▶️ Greevil Laughter
16 Nice Plays x2
17 Chat Wheel Line:
▶️▶️▶️ [ALL] Happy Penguin
18 Reward Wheel Spin
Dota Plus Reward Wheel Spin
19 Chat Wheel Line:
▶️ Frostivus Magic
20 Frostivus 2019 Treasure

Nice Plays[]

  • Players can tip each other with "Nice Play" during matches. Each tip is equal to 25 Nice Points.
  • Gifting cosmetic items from the Armory will earn the gifter 35 Nice Points.
  • Collect 300 Nice Points to receive a penguin present, which is one free spin of the Reward Wheel.


  • Four special consumable items are available for Frostivus. Each provides a minor cosmetic effect in-game. They do not affect mechanics.
  • These items can also be purchased with shards.
Item Ability
Throw a snowball at an ally or enemy.
Construct a jolly snowman.
Shoot a firework into the air.
Summon a friendly penguin who slides around.
Each time a hero bumps the penguin,
it gains speed and lasts a bit longer.



  • Spin the wheel for a chance at a random item.
Item Criteria
Obtained at a very low chance
from the Reward Wheel

High Five[]

  • Players can earn an in-game High Five animation at level 10.
Frostivus 2019 High Five Animated.gif


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