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Frostivus 2018 was a winter Frostivus event that ran from December 19th, 2018 to January 7th, 2019. It featured the Frosthaven game mode, which is a co-op survival mode, where the players fend off herds of enemies. The event was released in conjunction with Rubick minimap icon Rubick's Arcana, The Magus Cypher.

Game Mode[]

Minimap Frosthaven labeled

The minimap

  • A team of 5 players defend the Frostivus Tree against an onslaught of hordes for 15 rounds. Harder enemies spawn with each passing round.
  • Enemies spawn from four lanes, which are scattered in various directions.
  • Each lane is defended by a tower, and have a shrine nearby. All lost towers and shrines respawn at the end of each round.
  • Most rounds spawn masses of small creatures, with a few big units with powerful abilities in between.
  • The 5th and 10th round are bonus rounds where the players collect as much gold as they can.
  • The 15th round is the boss round, which first spawns small enemies, and once defeated, spawns Rubick minimap icon Rubick as the final boss.
  • Every player is guaranteed to reach level 25 in the last round before fighting the final boss, gaining a set amount on each round.
  • Gold is gained by picking up gold bags dropped by enemies. Each round has its gold cap. The team also gets bonus gold for each surviving tower of the round.
  • Enemies may also drop health and mana potions, which instantly restore a percentage of max health/mana when picked up. They may also drop a Town Portal Scroll icon Town Portal Scroll.
    • Gold bags, health potions and mana potions are automatically picked up by getting close to them. The dropped portal scrolls have to be right-clicked to pick up.
  • After each round, players have 30 seconds time to regroup and prepare for the next round.
  • The game is lost if the Frostivus Tree is destroyed, or if all five players die before finishing the game.
  • The game is won by defeating the final boss, The Grand Magus.


  • The Frostivus Tree is located on an elevated area, with 3 entry points, to the north, south-west, and north-west.
    • Each of these points is defended by a tower. The area also contains 2 shrines and a shop.
  • Outside the elevated area, to the north, there is a single rune spawn location. Possible rune spawns are: Double Damage Rune minimap icon Double Damage Rune, Haste Rune minimap icon Haste Rune, Illusion Rune minimap icon Illusion Rune, Invisibility Rune minimap icon Invisibility Rune, Regeneration Rune minimap icon Regeneration Rune.
  • There is a second shop right in front of the north-west entry to the elevated area, selling the same items as the shop in the base.
  • The lower area has 9 entry points from the river. However, only four of these entry points are guarded by towers.
    • This is because the default paths of enemies goes through these 4 lanes, though they can take other entries as well, if redirected by the players.
    • The 4 lanes, and the 4 spawn location of enemies are located north, south, west and north-west.
  • There are also 3 shrines in this area, one behind the south tower, one behind the west tower, and 1 towards the north, between the north and north-west tower.


The Frostivus Tree ("Spirit of Frostivus"), located at the center of the base, is part of the objective of the game and must survive. It has 4500 health, 3 health regen, and 20 armor. It also provides True Sight in a 900 radius around it.

The three inner towers are slightly stronger than the 4 outer towers. All towers provide True Sight in a 900 radius, and grant allies in a 900 radius 2 armor.

The enemy spawn locations are guarded by towers as well, preventing the players from camping them.

Building Health HP Regen Base Armor Damage BAT Attack Range Vision Range
Frosthaven Tower (outer) 1000 3 20 35-40 1 700 1900
Frosthaven Tower (inner) 1500 3 20 45-50 1 700 1900
Grand Magus Tower (enemy) 5000 500 200 150-150 0.1 600 650

Towers gain 9 armor after the end of every second round, resulting in the following values

Round 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
Armor 20 20 29 29 38 38 47 47 56 56 65 65 74 74 83

Shrines have 1250 health, no regen, 10 armor, and no vision. Their active heal ability heals for 120 + 2/min health per second, and 40 + 1/min mana per second for 5 seconds, in a 500 radius. Has a cooldown of 180 seconds. When a shrine gets destroyed, it respawns at the end of the round with its ability on cooldown, regardless of its previous cooldown state.


  • On death, a tombstone is left where the player died. Living teammates can right click on the tombstone to revive the player.
    • The channel time is based on the number of players channeling. One player takes 6 seconds to channel, 2 plays 3 seconds, 3 players 2 seconds, and 4 players take 1.5 seconds.
  • Buyback can be used, but it has a 5 minute cooldown, and costs gold, scaling up with levels.
  • All players are revived with full health and mana at the end of each round.

Gold and Experience[]

Each round grants a set amount of experience to all players.

Round Gold per bag (player) Gold per bag (total) Max round gold (player) Max round gold (total) Experience (player) Experience (total)
1 25 125 1000 5000 900 4500
2 27.5 137.5 1100 5500 1200 6000
3 30 150 1200 6000 1400 7000
4 32.5 162.5 1300 6500 1600 8000
5 6/12* 30/60 - - 0 0
6 35 175 1400 7000 1800 9000
7 37.5 187.5 1500 7500 2000 10000
8 40 200 1600 8000 2200 11000
9 42.5 212.5 1700 8500 2400 12000
10 15-25 75-125 - - 0 0
11 45 225 1800 9000 2400 12000
12 51.25 256.25 2050 10250 2600 13000
13 56.25 281.25 2250 11250 2800 14000
14 61.25 306.25 2450 12250 3000 15000
15 50 250 2000 10000 3200 16000

* Bags from Gingerberad Baby Roshans grant twice as much gold as bags from Frosty Friend Snowmen.

Towers also grant gold when surviving, which also scales with rounds.

Round 1 Tower 2 Towers 3 Towers 4 Towers 5 Towers 6 Towers 7 Towers
1 25 50 75 100 125 150 175
2 27 54 81 108 135 162 189
3 29 58 87 116 145 174 203
4 31 62 93 124 155 186 217
5 33 66 99 132 165 198 231
6 35 70 105 140 175 210 245
7 37 74 111 148 185 222 259
8 39 78 117 156 195 234 273
9 41 82 123 164 205 246 287
10 43 86 129 172 215 258 301
11 45 90 135 180 225 270 315
12 47 94 141 188 235 282 329
13 49 98 147 196 245 294 343
14 51 102 153 204 255 306 357
15 53 106 159 212 265 315 371

Available heroes[]

  • Only a few heroes can be picked for this event.
  • Click on a hero icon to view its altered abilities for this event.
Attribute Heroes
Strength attribute symbol Strength
Centaur Warrunner icon
Frosthaven/Centaur Warrunner
Earthshaker icon
Huskar icon
Magnus icon
Omniknight icon
Agility attribute symbol Agility
Clinkz icon
Faceless Void icon
Frosthaven/Faceless Void
Luna icon
Monkey King icon
Frosthaven/Monkey King
Pangolier icon
Troll Warlord icon
Frosthaven/Troll Warlord
Weaver icon
Intelligence attribute symbol Intelligence
Dark Willow icon
Frosthaven/Dark Willow
Keeper of the Light icon
Frosthaven/Keeper of the Light
Puck icon
Pugna icon
Windranger icon


  • There is a 30 second intermission between each two rounds.
Round Points Enemies Notes & Tips
1. Seeds of Destruction
Frosthaven Round 1

Round: 7
Total: 7

  • Pinecone Warrior
  • Pinecone Champ
  • Pinecone Warriors have no abilities or items.
  • Pinecone Champs have Crystalys icon Crystalys, granting them 38 extra attack damage, and a 20% chance to crit for 175% damage.
  • Pinecone Champs have a Swiftness Aura, granting 15 attack speed to its allies in a 900 radius.
2. Got A Bonechip On My Shoulder
Frosthaven Round 2

Round: 9
Total: 16

  • Odobenus Footman
  • Odobenus Frost Mage
  • Odobenus Tombstone
  • Odobenus Frost Mages spawn Tombstones if heroes are near. Some heroes, like Dark Willow minimap icon Dark Willow or Keeper of the Light minimap icon Keeper of the Light, can kill them without triggering this.
  • Tombstones spawn zombies continuously until killed. Focus on them first.
3. A Round of Ice and Fire
Frosthaven Round 3

Round: 11
Total: 27

  • Mitosis Eidelon
  • Pyrexae Vexer
  • Pyrexae Vexers use Ice Path icon Ice Path and Macropyre icon Macropyre
  • Pyrexae Vexers only use Macropyre icon Macropyre when two or more heroes are present. Try to solo the lanes.
  • Try not to let Pyrexae Vexers cluster into one area, as the Ice Path icon Ice Path spam can easily overwhelm you.
  • Mitosis Eidelons will replicate after a couple of attacks landed. If left alone, they can become a menace.
4. We'll Seal Your Fate
Frosthaven Round 4

Round: 13
Total: 40

  • Baby Ogre Seal
  • Grumpy Ogre Seal
  • Every few seconds, Grumpy Ogre Seals will charge targets who get close enough, dealing high damage and multiple stun instances. Keep your distance or dodge the charge.
5. Poppin' Fresh Snow Goons
Frosthaven Round 5

Round: 0
Total: 40

  • Peng-wing
  • Ginger Rosh
  • Peng-wings use the same mechanic as Rolling Thunder icon Rolling Thunder, and cannot perform sharp turns.
  • Ginger Roshs give more gold than snowmen.
  • Split up your team to get as much as Peng-wings and Ginger Roshs possible.
  • Don't try to turn to pick up missed gold. There are no limits to the spawns, so you can collect more if you simply keep your momentum by moving forward.
6. An Infernal Racket
Frosthaven Round 6

Round: 18
Total: 58

  • Infernal Djinn
  • The Unheralded
  • Archfiend
  • Infernal Djinns create fields of fire.
  • Killing enemies gives a stacking debuff that takes a few seconds to wear off. If you hit ten stacks you will be affected by Doom ability icon Doom for a short duration.
  • Don't clear The Unheralded too fast, as this will cause you to be affected by Doom ability icon Doom.
  • If let to live too long, Infernal Djinns will cover the map with fire; attempt to kill them early on.
7. A Feast For Our Babies
Frosthaven Round 7

Round: 20
Total: 78

  • Mother of Spiders
  • Monstrous Glutton
  • Tiny Spiderling
  • Small Spiderling
  • Spiderling
  • Unwelcome Houseguest
  • Large spiders explode when killed, spawning smaller spiders and damaging the player. Damage can be avoided by moving away as it explodes.
  • Large spiders can bash.
  • Large spiders throw a slow projectile that roots.
  • Try to only kill one large spider at a time to avoid large swarms.
  • Stay away from large spiders when they die so you don't get surrounded by the smaller spiders that spawn.
8. Not What You Exspectred?
Frosthaven Round 8

Round: 22
Total: 100

  • Soul Ascendant
  • Dire Wolf
  • When they flash red, Soul Ascendants reflect damage in the shape of extending rings around them.
  • Do not hit the Soul Ascendants when they have damage reflection, as this will gravely hurt your team.
  • Radiance icon Radiance's burn does not trigger Soul Ascendant's damage reflection.
  • Try to kill the Dire Wolves first before the Soul Ascendants as they can easily take down buildings.
9. Snowstorm's A-Comin'
Frosthaven Round 9

Round: 24
Total: 124

  • Kobold
  • Cobalt Bruiser
  • Cobalt Bruisers use abilities similar to Walrus Kick icon Walrus Kick and Chaos Meteor icon Chaos Meteor.
  • Try to spread out the Cobalt Bruisers and fight them away from the base because their Snow Meteor is especially deadly in narrow spaces.
  • Cobalt Bruisers' Walrus Kick is actually a short range, well choreographed cone attack. It can be avoided if your hero walks away from the Bruisers before the casting is finished.
  • Kobold can swarm a hero with Time Walk icon Time Walk. This also means they can regenerate some health from damage applied recently.
10. Gingersnap 'em Up!
Frosthaven Round 10

Round: 0
Total: 124

  • Ginger Rosh
  • Ginger Roshs will grow in size as they take damage, once large enough in size they will die and drop gold.
  • To maximize gold, group up in the river and hit Ginger Roshs together as damage will increase their size.
  • Ginger Roshs can be disabled to make them easier to hit.
11. Respect Your Elders
Frosthaven Round 11

Round: 28
Total: 152

  • Kaldr's Hallucination
  • Frostbitten Revenant
  • World Ender
  • Kaldr's Hallucination can stun heroes with Cold Feet icon Cold Feet, which makes them very vulnerable to being hit by the World Enders' Earth Splitter icon Earth Splitter.
  • Avoid the river as Earth Splitter icon Earth Splitter is hard to see in the water.
  • Try not to let too many enemies build up in one area, or the nukes can overwhelm your team.
12. Are You Ready To Rubble?
Frosthaven Round 12

Round: 30
Total: 182

  • Ancient Frostgiant
  • Little Rock
  • Ancient Frostgiant will use a ground slam on heroes around it.
  • Avoid grouping up as Ancient Frostgiants will toss their boulders more frequently at players.
  • Carries should target Ancient Frostgiants and supports should try to crowd control Little Rocks.
13. Storm Clouds Keep Fallin'
Frosthaven Round 13

Round: 33
Total: 215

  • Spirit of the Tempest
  • Thunder God
  • Tempest Acolyte
  • Clouds appear over heroes and do high damage after two seconds.
  • Spirits of the Tempest have all of Storm Spirit minimap icon Storm Spirit's abilities, plus hex and Dagon icon Dagon.
  • Spirits of the Tempest are very fast, and will Ball Lightning icon Ball Lightning away if they take high damage. Focus on them first.
  • Thunder Gods will cast Lightning Bolt icon Lightning Bolt for high damage.
14. Hark! Wardens
Frosthaven Round 14

Round: 35
Total: 250

  • Arc Blossom
  • Tree Warden
15. The Great Magus Caper
Frosthaven Round 15

Round: 500
Total: 750

  • Mini-Magus
  • Golem of the Grand Magus
  • The Grand Magus
  • Clear the golems to get the Grand Magus to spawn between the two mid lanes.
  • The Grand Magus does not attack, but waits to be engaged. This gives your team infinite time to buy things and prepare for the fight.
  • The Grand Magus starts the fight by blinking around and using Telekinesis icon Telekinesis on heroes, while dropping enemies from previous waves. These drops will stun if they land on you.
  • The Grand Magus uses Spell Steal icon Spell Steal on your team, so be careful not to give him powerful abilities. He will prioritize stealing ultimates so take caution to always cast after using your ultimate.
  • The Grand Magus often interrupts heroes trying to revive a fallen teammate by lifting them with Telekinesis icon Telekinesis. Keep buyback ready if possible.
  • At 75% he will occasionally cast a spell similar to the one the Tree Wardens used in the previous wave, but it does a lot more damage and the projectiles are bigger.
  • At 50% he will start entering "spell cast" phases, where he isn't visible and throws green cubes where you're standing. The cubes are indicators that he's about to drop a powerful spell there, so stay mobile and be mindful where you're running so you don't kill teammates.
  • At 25% he begins using a barrage of powerful abilities like Ghostship icon Ghostship, Chaos Meteor icon Chaos Meteor, Freezing Field icon Freezing Field and Mystic Flare icon Mystic Flare.
  • Be mindful of where the summons are dropping, as they may destroy the Frostivus Tree while your attention is focused on the Grand Magus.

General Strategy[]

  • Since buildings respawn before every round, losing towers is acceptable as long as your team can clear all the enemies.
  • It is considered better to sacrifice a tower than to die protecting one, since dying will be more costly for your teammates.
  • Use Town Portal Scroll icon Town Portal Scroll to quickly move across the map and save besieged towers. It has a shortened cooldown timer.
  • Gold bags will disappear after a period of time. Prioritize picking them up since gold is a limited resource, capped at each wave.
  • Most enemies do not have magic resistance. This makes spell nukes effective at clearing waves of smaller enemies.
  • You can leave 1 enemy alive by kiting him around while waiting for your team's buybacks to come off cooldown.
  • Buy less expensive items if you are struggling in the early game. Don't waste too much gold on basic items since gold is limited.
  • AoE items like Veil of Discord icon Veil of Discord or Shiva's Guard icon Shiva's Guard can help clear swarms of enemies.
  • Try to have at least three heroes with powerful AoE abilites to clear waves quicker.
  • Lifesteal items like Mask of Madness icon Mask of Madness can help heroes survive waves. A Vladmir's Offering icon Vladmir's Offering on the team might also prove useful for your teammates.
  • Try to prevent large enemies from stacking up, as this makes them much harder to take down.
  • Focus several heroes on a single lane if necessary, and move on to the next when it's clear.
    • Avoid this strategy specifically at wave 3, in which Pyrexae Vexers will only use Macropyre icon Macropyre if they meet multiple heroes.
  • Utilizing Black King Bar icon Black King Bar allows for easy revives during the Grand Magus round.


Special Consumables[]

  • Four special consumable items are available for Frosthaven. Each provides a special ability to help players in-game and has a limited number of charges.
  • Consumables appear on top of the in-game abilities panel, and do not count as visible items.
  • Consumables can be obtained by gaining reward levels, or by purchasing a Frosthaven Consumables Bundle from the Dota Plus store for 1,500 shards.
  • Each consumable has a regular version that players can use in normal (non-event) matchmaking. These versions are purely cosmetic and do not affect game mechanics.
  • Frosthaven versions come with 5 charges, while regular versions come with 20 charges.
  • All Frosthaven consumables have a 30 seconds shared cooldown.
Regular Item Frosthaven Item Ability

THROW SNOWBALL: Throw a snowball at an enemy, damaging and stunning all enemy units around it.

  • Stun Radius: 500
  • Stun Duration: 5
  • Damage: 400
  • Cooldown: 30

Enjoy a bold, rocky center with a packed-ice crust!

SUMMON SNOWMAN: Summons a snowman that taunts nearby enemies.

  • Duration: 15
  • Taunt Interval: 3
  • Taunt Radius: 300
  • Taunt Duration: 2
  • Cooldown: 30

He's irresistibly friendly!

DECORATE TREE: Decorate a tree with blinking lights that damage nearby enemies.

  • Duration: 20
  • Explosions: 200
  • Radius: 500
  • Damage: 50
  • Cooldown: 30

Who knew a few twinkling lights could be so deadly?

FESTIVE FIREWORK: Fires a global range firework that explodes over a given area, damaging enemies, blinding them, and providing vision for 10 seconds.

  • Radius: 600
  • Blind Duration: 12
  • Blind Miss Chance: 100%
  • Damage: 200
  • Cooldown: 30

There's nothing more festive than explosions!

Disabled items[]

The following items cannot be bought in Frosthaven.

Tango (90) Animal Courier (50) Flying Courier (150) Smoke of Deceit (50) Bottle (675) Magic Stick (200) Magic Wand (450) Hand of Midas (2200) Divine Rapier (5600) Helm of the Dominator (2625)
Tango /
Tango (Shared)
Animal Courier Flying Courier Smoke of Deceit Bottle Magic Stick Magic Wand Hand of Midas Divine Rapier Helm of the

Modified items[]

These items have been modified.

Item Modification
Healing Salve (100) Fully sharable with allies and stacks in the inventory with that of allies.
Clarity (50) Fully sharable with allies and stacks in the inventory with that of allies.
Enchanted Mango (65) Fully sharable with allies.
Battle Fury (4100) Cleave damage reduced from 35% to 20%.
Heart of Tarrasque (5200) Maximum health-based health regeneration reduced from 7% to 2%.

Health regeneration amplification from 50% to 5%

Item drops[]

There are 4 different items that can be dropped by enemies, of which 3 are new. Dropped items last for 15 seconds on the ground before they despawn.

The most common drop are gold bags. Picking up a gold bag grants the entire team based on which round it is. A gold bag is automatically picked up when getting within 100 range of it. However, while spell immune, they have to be picked up manually by right-clicking on them.

Enemies also occasionally drop health potions and mana potions. They have a 3% drop chance. Health potion instantly restore a portion of the hero's maximum health and mana potion instantly restore a portion of the hero's maximum mana upon getting picked up. Just like gold bags, health and mana potions are automatically picked up when getting within 100 range of them. However, while spell immune, they have to be picked up manually by right-clicking on them.

Enemies may also drop Town Portal Scroll icon Town Portal Scrolls, with a 1% drop chance. Unlike the other 3 drops, the scrolls can only be picked up by directly right-clicking them. They also land in the inventory, instead of being instantly activated.

The final enemy in each round may also drop one of the four exclusive consumable ability items at a 10% drop chance, which increases by 0.5% each round.

Image Item Description
Dark Moon Gold Bag Gold Bag Grants gold based on the round
Dark Moon Health Potion Health Potion Restores 20% health.
Dark Moon Mana Potion Mana Potion Restores 20% mana.
Dark Moon Town Portal Scroll Town Portal Scroll Grants a Town Portal Scroll icon Town Portal Scroll.


Frostivus 2018 Reward Wheel

The Reward Wheel

  • During Frostivus, players can earn levels and rewards, similar to a Battle Pass. 1,000 Frosthaven points are needed to gain a level.
  • Players are awarded points for playing Frosthaven.
  • Players who make it past Round 5 will earn a daily bonus of 1,000 Frosthaven points, plus 8x the amount that game normally awards.

Points and Levels[]

Level Reward
1 Frosthaven Consumables Bundle
2 Reward Wheel
Dota Plus Reward Wheel
3 Frosthaven Loading Screen
4 Chat Wheel Line:
▶️ Sleighbells
5 Pile of Snowballs
Frosthaven - Pile of Snowballs
6 Snowman Noses
Frosthaven - Snowman Noses
7 Reward Wheel
Dota Plus Reward Wheel
8 Tree Decorations
Frosthaven - Tree Decorations
9 Festive Fireworks
Frosthaven - Festive Fireworks
10 Pile of Snowballs
Frosthaven - Pile of Snowballs
11 Chat Wheel Line:
▶️ Sparkling Celebration
12 Reward Wheel
Dota Plus Reward Wheel
13 Snowman Noses
Frosthaven - Snowman Noses
14 Tree Decorations
Frosthaven - Tree Decorations
15 Festive Fireworks
Frosthaven - Festive Fireworks
16 Pile of Snowballs
Frosthaven - Pile of Snowballs
17 Reward Wheel
Dota Plus Reward Wheel
18 Chat Wheel Line:
▶️ ▶️ ▶️ ▶️ ▶️ ▶️ ▶️ Greevil Laughter
19 Snowman Noses
Frosthaven - Snowman Noses
20 Tree Decorations
Frosthaven - Tree Decorations
21 Festive Fireworks
Frosthaven - Festive Fireworks
22 Reward Wheel
Dota Plus Reward Wheel
23 Pile of Snowballs
Frosthaven - Pile of Snowballs
24 Snowman Noses
Frosthaven - Snowman Noses
25 Chat Wheel Line:
▶️ Frostivus Magic
26 Tree Decorations
Frosthaven - Tree Decorations
27 Reward Wheel
Dota Plus Reward Wheel
28 Festive Fireworks
Frosthaven - Festive Fireworks
29 Pile of Snowballs
Frosthaven - Pile of Snowballs
30 Snowman Noses
Frosthaven - Snowman Noses
31 Tree Decorations
Frosthaven - Tree Decorations
32 Reward Wheel
Dota Plus Reward Wheel


Requirement Reward
Survive all 15 rounds of Frosthaven
Indescribably rare drop from the Reward Wheel



Swept up in the zeal of unraveling and reshaping arcane energies, Grand Magus Rubick marches a mob into Frosthaven, intent on uprooting the original Frostivus tree to explore the mysterious font of power beneath it. To stop the misguided magus, five heroes must rise to the defense of the ancient tree—and fight to keep the Spirit of Frostivus alive!


  • Frosthaven's event map is similar to Dark Moon's event map.

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