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Frostivus 2013 is a Christmas event that began on December 12, 2013. Skeleton King minimap icon Skeleton King has been removed for this event, but was resurrected as Wraith King minimap icon Wraith King after global players collected enough souls in the Wraith-Night game mode.

Wraith Night (Game mode)[]


Wraith-Night is a co-op matchmaking mode in which 5 players attempt to defeat 13 waves of creeps while defending the Wraith King minimap icon Wraith King's Altar. The final wave is a battle with the resurrected Wraith King himself.

  • Gold is earned by collecting bags dropped by creeps and keeping towers alive during waves.


Frostivus Minimap

The Wraith-Night minimap.

  • 5 entrance points.
  • 6 destructible friendly towers.
    • Friendly towers respawn after every wave.
  • 4 indestructible enemy towers guarding spawn spots.
  • 1 shop.


Main Article: Frostivus 2013/Waves

There are 13 waves in this mode. Each wave has its own name and several different creeps as well as tougher mini-bosses.

Enemies will spawn in waves from 5 possible areas: Near the 4 enemy towers, and an alternate path south.


  • Groups should generally contain at least 1 of the following:
  • All heroes should build "tanky" items first since damage is not a priority during the first few waves. Heroes that use a lot of mana should then get mana items while those that do not should focus on damage or utility.
    • Heart of Tarrasque's tooltip is false; its health regeneration is disabled by ANY enemy attack.
  • Heroes that are close to buying their next item should stay near the top, close to the only shop.
  • A Magic Stick is very useful for regen on certain rounds (such as 4 and 7) given its low gold cost.
  • Almost all enemies are vulnerable to slows but some of the later ones are immune to stuns.
  • Dead heroes may freely move items to and from their stash regardless of their proximity to the shop.

Difficulty settings[]

After completeing each difficulty, players will be presented the chance to restart the game mode from the next difficulty tier.

Level Explanation Bounty
New Game+ Each wave will spawn more creeps. Certain enemies will have increased stats, and spells are a level higher. Gives 25% more Fragments
New Game++ Each wave will spawn even more creeps. Certain enemies will have twice the increased stats, and spells are two levels higher. Gives 50% more Fragments
New Game+++ Each wave will spawn even more creeps. Certain enemies will have thrice the increased stats, and spells are three levels higher. Some spells are capped at level 3 rather than 4. Gives 75% more Fragments

Dying & Defeat[]

Players do not respawn upon death. Instead, players can be revived in two ways.

  • Being revived by other players.
    • Reviving an ally takes 7 seconds.
    • This time is decreased if more players are revivaling the same ally.
    • While reviving an ally, players cannot attack but will take damage.
  • Buying back with gold.

Defeat occurs under two scenarios:

  • The Wraith King's alter is destroyed.
  • All players have died.

Available heroes[]

Main Article: Frostivus 2013/Heroes

While the hero selection is limited, some of their abilities have been changed to better accommodate the new gameplay. Only abilities that have been changed are listed here.

In-game item changes[]

Unique in-game items have been added for Wraith-Night.

Item Description Cost
Greater Clarity icon Greater Clarity Restores 150 mana 90
Greater Salve icon Greater Salve Restores 1000 health over 10 seconds, interrupted on damage 275
Wraith-Night Arcane Boots II icon Arcane Boots II Restores 250 mana, +500 mana, 75 movement speed 2450
Wraith-Night Slippers of Halcyon icon Slippers of Halcyon Channeled AoE heal, 4 armor, 75 movement speed 2075

Some existing items have been changed.

Item Description Cost
Healing Salve icon Healing Salve - 100
Quelling Blade icon Quelling Blade - 3000
Helm of the Dominator icon Helm of the Dominator Dominate active has been removed. Gives 25 damage, 5 armor, 20% lifesteal
Shiva's Guard icon Shiva's Guard Arctic Blast cooldown reduced to 20 seconds, Freezing Aura radius reduced to 150, and attack speed slow reduced to 30


Score is recorded by two counters: Phantom Fragments and Shining Fragments.

  • Phantom Fragments are obtained by playing Wraith-Night and clearing waves.
  • Shining Fragments are obtained by playing Wraith-Night with an active Wraith King's Favor bonus.
    • Players who have an active Wraith King's Favor will also grant a 10% stackable bonus for all other players.
    • Wraith King's Favor also increases the amount of Phantom Fragments earned.
  • Shining Fragments can be exchanged for Phantom Fragments at a rate of 2:1.
  • The number of fragments earned is determined by the wave number.
Round Number Base Phantom Fragments Earned Per Round Shining Fragments Earned Per Round (With Booster)
Round 1 48 140
Round 2 60 160
Round 3 72 200
Round 4 88 240
Round 5 100 280
Round 6 118 340
Round 7 136 400
Round 8 158 460
Round 9 180 540
Round 10 208 620
Round 11 236 700
Round 12 262 800
Round 13 302 960
Totals 1968 5840


The Awakening of the Wraith King[]


After two days of Wraith-Night, players worldwide collected enough souls to awaken the Wraith King.

Each soul collected during Wraith-Night will count towards the Wraith King's global resurrection. When the goal has been reached, Wraith King minimap icon Wraith King himself will be available in the game, taking place of Skeleton King minimap icon Skeleton King.

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