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Frostiron Tribe
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Heroes Tusk minimap icon.png Tusk
Places Northern Sea
The Barrier
Blueheart Glacier
Cosmetics Frostiron Raider Set
Frostiron Sorceress Set

The Frostiron Tribe is a tribe living near the Northern Sea. They are described as a proud people with a rich history, but are relatively unknown to the rest of the world.[1][2]


The tribe is particularly adept at blacksmithing, crafting helmets and axes out of steel. They also use the glacial sapphires of Icewrack to craft scepters and jewelry. The sapphires are considered a symbol of the tribe's icy resolve.[3]

Weaving and tailoring are also part of the Frostiron Tribe's culture, who produces durable and warm fabrics that weigh very little.[4]


Ymir visits the tribe regularly during the winter. The tribe knows them well, gifting him with a set of new armor.[5] Rylai has also visited the tribe, and owns robes and crystals crafted for her by them.[6]


  • The equipment forged by the Frostiron Tribe for Tusk resemble that of the Viking culture.