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Fortress of Flares
Associated with
Heroes Ember Spirit minimap icon.png Ember Spirit
Places Wailing Mountains
Ruined City
Gods Burning Celestial
Cosmetics Rapiers of the Burning God

The Fortress of Flares is a structure located within the Wailing Mountains, likely near the Ruined City. It was once a training ground for new warriors, headed by the renowned Xin, who taught his pupils the Bonds of the Guardian Flame. A sealed temple can be found inside the fortress grounds. The fortress is now abandoned, and its buildings overgrown.[1]

A pair of relic rapiers were kept in the fortress, which came alive with fire when picked up by the reincarnated Xin.[2]

The Pyre[]

In the temple, the ashes of Xin rests in a topaz cauldron. Inspired by Xin's legacy, the Burning Celestial reignited the ashes with his body, and this fusion gave birth to the being known today as Ember Spirit minimap icon.png Ember Spirit.


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