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Flayed Twins
Associated With
Heroes Bloodseeker minimap icon.png Bloodseeker
Pudge minimap icon.png Pudge
Mars minimap icon.png Mars
Factions Bonehunters
Places Xhacatocatl
Gods Omniscience
Characters Iczoxtotec

The Flayed Twins, also known as the Flayed Ones, or simply The Flayers, are a pair of gods who demand huge amounts of sacrificial blood to live.[1], without which they would descend and drain the blood from all the peoples of the Xhacatocatl mountains. The Flayed Twins cannot be destroyed or banished to another realm.[2]

The blood of the Twins themselves are used in staining fabrics and quenching weapons, although how their blood is obtained is uncertain.[3]


To prevent the depopulation of their lands, the high priests of the plateaus must satisfy the Flayed Twins' lust by sending out the likes of Strygwyr, who engages into an unending hunt for more victims to use in ceremonial sacrifices, transferring their blood to the Flayed Twins through sacred markings on his garb. It is said that, in his frenzied bloodrage, the Flayed Twins sometimes takes control of Strygwyr, projecting their own appearance into their hound.[4] Strygwyr wears a hood which covers his eyes, as the Flayed Twins guide his movement through their sight.[5]

Bonehunters perform a similar function in the drylands west of Xhacatocatl, where they hunt a variety of beasts.[6]

The Flayed Ones also employ a gigantic bird of prey called Iczoxtotec, who soars the skies in search of battle, and therefore fresh victims for sacrifice.[7] Ravens are common above the sacrificial altars, and their inhuman lust for flesh has made them a sacred symbol of the Flayed Twins.[8]


According to Strygwyr, the Flayed Twins demand the sacrifice of the Omniscience, a rival god.[9]

The demon Eztzhok is hated by the Flayed Twins for corrupting Strygwyr, their servant, and stealing part of the blood harvested by him.[10] The Flayed Twins realized at the last moment that Eztzhok's corruption had nearly taken over Strygwyr, and was able to reclaim their servant, at the cost of great sacrifice.[11]

The Flayed Twins look favorably upon Pudge minimap icon.png Pudge, whose bloody work they approve of.[12]

Mars minimap icon.png Mars, the god of war, seeks to fight and perhaps kill the Flayed Twins.[13]

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  • The Flayed Twins are similar to Xipe Totec, the Aztec god of life, death and war.


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