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Heroes Sven minimap icon.png Sven
Factions Vigil Knights
Mono Militis
Chiseled Guard
Places Inner Colonnade
Artifacts Holy Flame
Cosmetics The Flameguard's Armor

The Flameguard is a sect among the Vigil Knights, consisting of a small number of exceptionally skilled swordsmen.[1] Stationed in the Inner Colonnade, their purpose is to protect the Holy Flame at all costs.[2] Unwavering in their devotion, the Flameguard are seen as embodiments of knightly duty.[3] The Flameguard practice a particular style of fighting, with two-handed swords.[4]

Their armor is adorned with the same blue hue of the Holy Flame, and each member wields a heavy, weighted sword.[4] The sect's sigil is inscribed on their capes, with a circle representing the Inner Colonnade, and a triangle representing the Holy Flame.[5] The Flameguard are led by commanders, who wear noticeably different armor and helmets.[6]