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Fireborn Odachi
Cosmetic icon Fireborn Odachi.png
Wearable 4076
Juggernaut icon.png
Rarity: Mythical
Slot: Weapon

Forged in the fires that bubbled up from the sea on the night your homeland sank beneath the waves!
Created By
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This item comes with a Kinetic Gem that grants numerous custom animations.



  • All custom effects are bound to the item.
  • All custom animations are bound to the Kinetic Gem. If the gem is removed, the custom animations will be lost.
Customization Type Preview Bound To
Item Gem
Spawn Animation Fireborn Odachi Spawn.gif YesY
Ambient Effect Fireborn Odachi Idle.gif YesY
Idle Animation YesY
Run Animation Fireborn Odachi Run.gif YesY
Attack 1 Animation Fireborn Odachi Attacks.gif YesY
Attack 2 Animation YesY
Attack 3 Animation YesY
Blade Dance/
Effect Fireborn Odachi Blade Dance.gif YesY
Animation YesY
Blade Fury Effect Fireborn Odachi Blade Fury.gif YesY
Animation2 YesY
Omnislash Effect Fireborn Odachi Omnislash.gif YesY
Animation3 YesY
Taunt4 Animation Fireborn Odachi Taunt.gif YesY

1 Customizes all critical attacks, even if Blade Dance is not triggered.
2 Juggernaut holds his sword slightly higher during Blade Fury.
3 Juggernaut holds his sword with both hands during Omnislash.
4 Cannot be used while moving. If another taunt is equipped, Juggernaut will randomly select between the two when the hotkey is pressed. Currently not functional.



  • An ōdachi is a large Japanese sword.
  • This item was one of the first cosmetic items ever made, likely as a prototype for testing future customizations.

Patch History[]

  • Fixed a couple of animation issues with the Fireborn Odachi and the Bladeform Legacy.