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Heroes Dark Willow minimap icon.png Dark Willow
Dazzle minimap icon.png Dazzle
Races Mo'rokai
Factions The Lost Vigil
Places Overgrown Empire
Cosmetics Sentinels of Ruin

Fellstrath is a jungle region, and home to a lost civilization. It is a tropical location, subject to frequent monsoons. The area is located beyond the mountains near Ashkavor, and is renown for its dangers.[1] The fearsome Mo'rokai inhabit Fellstrath, laying dormant until disturbed.

Wildlife and Inhabitants[]

The thick jungle and canopy of Fellstrath hosts a number of plant and animal species. Palms and kapok trees grown here, along with venus flytraps, pitcher plants, and mysterious purple flowers. Brightly colored snakes make their home in foliage, as well as a great diversity of birds, including the great hornbill. Numerous nocturnal animals can also be heard at night, but are rarely seen. Crocodylians also inhabit the jungle, wielding spears in packs.[2]

A special species of butterfly was discovered in the jungle by Dazzle, where he found that the insect could suck small amounts of energy from the Nothl Realm, but their inefficient feeding causes energy from the Nothl Realm to leak into this one.[3]

Before the fall of Ashkavor, its is rumored that Ashkavorian elders recorded the presence of The Lost Vigil, a group of missing Vigil Knights, see around the mountains that guard the entrance to Fellstrath.[4]

Lost civilization[]

The ruins of an ancient civilization, now densely covered in creeping vines, lies within the heart of Fellstrath. Once an empire, it fell for reasons unknown. Stone totems with staring faces are dotted throughout the empire, keeping watch over the domain.[5]

The inhabitants worshiped the Mo'rokai, a pair of mythic beasts, building temples in their honor. These temples are guarded by stone statues, which have since been imbued and animated by the Ancients.[6] After the empire crumbled, the Mo'rokai went into a slumber, until they were awoken by Mireska Sunbreeze, who came to Fellstrath in search of relics.[7]

The background and name of the Sangstrath indicate that they may have come from Fellstrath, and are responsible for its lost civilization.