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Patches (latest) February 13, 2013 Patch (Test) February 20, 2013 Patch (Test) February 27, 2013 Patch (Test)


Patch Notes

  • Added In-game Guides and Hero Builds!
  • Players can now be a member of multiple teams.



  • Added right click menu to the combat log with "Copy to clipboard" option.
  • Added option to render the Co-Broadcaster's camera. Use dota_minimap_draw_cocaster_camera 0 to disable.
  • Added new right click option to backpack items to equip the entire set the item belongs to.


Update 2

  • Added text for when you're not on your team's roster but are on the Team Matchmaking page.
  • When you have a complete party that matches your active team, its logo will now show up on your mini profile.
  • Fixed performance bug in Morphling minimap icon Morphling's Morph icon Morph ability.
  • Added a large number of items to the random loot drop lists.