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Patch Notes

Year Beast Brawl

  • The active abilities can now be used independent of the Year Beast being alive.
  • Added on-hover tooltips for the active abilities in the Year Beast panel.
  • Added two new active abilities: Tower Flak Cannon, and Glyph
    • Tower Flak Cannon - 250 Ability Points
      • For 10 seconds, friendly towers will attack all enemy units within 1000 range each time they attack. 60 second cooldown.
    • Glyph - 250 Ability Points
      • Your buildings become invulnerable for the next 5 seconds. 360 second cooldown.
  • Global Chakra cooldown reduced from 120 seconds to 90 seconds.
  • Hand of God cooldown reduced from 240 seconds to 160 seconds.


  • Alt-Right Click move commands now stop on a collision.
  • Added an experimental feature, dota_player_auto_repeat_right_mouse which will quickly repeat right clicks so long as the button is held.
  • Fixed some pathfinding cases.



  • The Pirate League ticket has been removed from the store.
  • Cosmetic item descriptions now display how many copies of the item is owned by the player.


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