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Patches (latest) February 14, 2017 Patch February 15, 2017 Patch February 16, 2017 Patch


Patch Notes

  • Fixed bots getting stuck when placing a ward by the top Dire icon Dire rune.
  • Fixed a bug with minimap rendering on some systems.

Bot Scripting

  • Protected Action_AttackUnit() and Action_AttackMove() against being called too quickly.
  • Fixed the default bots from charging out of the fountain early.
  • Fixed default bots not using the courier.
  • Fixed ActionImmediate_Courier() not selecting a default courier correctly.
  • Removed the 'tradeable after date' tag on Immortal Treasure II 2016 items.
  • Small particle fix to Fate's Edict icon Fate's Edict's overhead disarm glow.
  • Blog post panel has been enabled with the custom game panel disabled.
  • Removed the purple tint of the Dark Moon event on the dashboard.
  • Added new animated disconnection status and icons under the net graph.
  • Reverted default size of the minimap to 260x260px from 244x244px.
  • Reverted size of the large minimap to 296x296px from 280x280px.
  • Fixed the size of the minimap on custom terrains being minutely larger.