February 14, 2017 Patch

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Patch notes


  • Bots now give chat notifications for "Using Shrine" and "Delaying".
  • Fixed some bots not being able to correctly purchase Headdress.

Bot Scripting

  • Added GetDayTimeVisionRange(), GetNightTimeVisionRange(), and GetCurrentVisionRange() to the unit bot script API.
  • Added GetAcquisitionRange() to the unit bot script API.
  • Added IsAncientCreep() to the unit bot script API.
  • Updated GetDroppedItemList() to return a table of tables that contain { item, owner, location }.
  • Fixed the Delay action to terminate correctly.
  • Fixed the Shrine action to terminate when the shrine is used.
  • Fixed return value for GetAmountAlongLane().
  • Fixed a couple more item build bugs for the default bots.