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Patch Notes


  • Added stun effect for Slardar's Crush and additional casting effects work.
  • Updated Slardar's sprint effects.
  • More side to side motion in Slardar's run and sprint animations.
  • Larger Crush animation.
  • Sandking's channel for his Ult is now a two beat tail slam "tell".
  • Your active selected unit will no longer self-highlight if it's a hero.
  • Bots will now perform "evasive maneuvers" to avoid things worth avoiding. Mirana's Arrow, Pudge's Hook, Ghost Ship, Rupture, etc.
  • Enabled audio loop for Rupture, which gets louder when you move.
  • Added Shadow Shaman VO.
  • Hooked up Kunkka's new X Marks the Spot sound.
  • Added a 30 second delay to automatic surrender when a whole team disconnects.
  • Added impact effect to Plasma Field.
  • Added Enigma (summons do have placeholder model)


  • Fixed games not showing up for spectating.
  • Fixed dead heroes being considered "alive".
  • Fixed Lich's Frost Armor to only autocast on heroes.
  • The primary target of Omnislash is now ministunned.
  • Added a modifier to indicate that you are tethered by Puck's Dream Coil.
  • Updated Omnislash and Lightning Bolt tooltips to indicate that they ministun.
  • Zuus's Static Field no longer damages creeps.
  • Deny overhead icons should now appear for all players.
  • Fixed Omnislash not hitting magic immune units.
  • Increased Morphling model size by 10%.
  • Fixed Moonlight Shadow global invis kicking in immediately instead of waiting for fadetime.
  • Fixed Eye of the Storm debuff lasting only 5 seconds from the last impact, instead of the full duration of the storm.
  • Fixed Mjollnir having global cast range.
  • Illusions now lie about their critical strike damage so they don't reveal themselves.
  • Fixed Powershot tree destruction AoE being twice as big as it should.
  • Fixed Razor having 600 instead of 475 attack range.
  • Fixed Spectator UI's mana being the same as the health.
  • Fixed Wave of Terror vision AoE being too small.
  • Juggernaut's Omnislash's secondary jumps now find magic immune enemies.
  • Fixed Cleave damage interaction with magic immune units.
  • Fixed issue with Juggernaut's Omnislash where at all levels he could do one more slash than he was supposed to be able to.
  • Fixed Riki's backstab angle being too narrow.