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Patch Notes

  • Minor cosmetic fix to Gyrocopter minimap icon Gyrocopter's model.
  • Minimap size has been lowered from 260px x 260px to 244px x 244px.
  • "Gather for Sanctuary" has been changed to "Gather for Shrine".
  • The URL of Monkey King minimap icon Monkey King's hero page has been fixed.
  • Minor bug where the links on the browser tab were not styled properly has been fixed.
  • A small transition brightness animation has been added for item images in the shop.
  • An issue with the XP bar not being aligned properly on non-hero units has been fixed.

Bot scripting

  • Fixed not being able to MoveToUnit if the unit wasn't a building.
  • Fixed MoveToLocation stalling out if it was called too frequently.
  • Fixed a number of Action_* functions stalling if they were called too frequently.
  • Fixed Action_UseShrine() not causing the bots to actually use the shrine.