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Patch Notes


  • Fixed Orb of Venom not appearing in side shops.
  • Fixed creep overtime upgrades doing more than it should.
  • Fixed the Radiant ranged creep not properly getting promoted after rax death.
  • Fixed cases where units could get stuck in a single tree or between two trees.
  • Fixed percentage damage auras from affecting illusions.
  • Fixed Ether Shock search distance.
  • Diffusal Mana Burn particle effect will only be played if mana is actually burned.
  • Tiny's Toss victim will now do AoE damage upon landing, even if it dies in mid-air.
  • Fixed Diffusal Blade to properly kill illusions, Treants, Eidolons, and Necronomicon units.
  • Can no longer hook ancients/roshan.
  • Made a bunch of projectile and animation network events unreliable to fix potential timing issues.


  • Scaled Zuus up 10%.
  • Scaled Riki down 10%.
  • Updated Slardar Run,Sprint, Crush animations.
  • Updated Earthshaker Model.
  • Updated additional effect for Earthshaker's Echo Slam.
  • Dark Seer's Surge now resumes his previous movement if he casts it on himself.