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This article is about in-game mechanics. For professional player, see Fear (player).

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Fear is a disable that forces units to either flee towards their fountain or from the source of the fear. When done to neutral creeps, they will flee towards their neutral camp location. Affected units cannot be controlled.


Fear cancels all of a unit's current orders, such as attack commands or channeling, and prevents any new orders being given or queued up. Units are instead silenced and forced to flee from the source of the fear debuff, or towards their fountain (neutral creeps retreat towards their camps instead), depending on the individual spell being used. Units flee at their regular movement speed, and will not cast abilities to flee faster. Once the fear expires the unit is ordered to stop, so that they either stand still until given a new command, or auto-attack if enemies are nearby, depending on the player's settings.

Units affected by fear remain subject to every other disable, including movement impairing effects. Movement speed increasing effects or hastes are not ignored either. However, commands forced by spells, like the stop command of Shadow Amulet icon.png Shadow Amulet after its fade time, are completely ignored and do not interrupt the fleeing.


If multiple instances of fear, or hypnosis and fear, all instances try to apply their effect on the target equally. The unit tries to move in multiple directions at the same time. This can either result in the unit stuttering back and forth and effectively moving towards a middle ground between the multiple, or moving towards one of the sources. The outcome is random and cannot be predetermined. Regardless of the outcome, the unit moves at the speed determined by the hypnosis. If multiple sources of hypnosis are applied, the unit moves at the slowest source.

Taunts always take priority over Fear. When affected by both disables, units do not flee but instead try to attack the taunt source. Fear, however, disables their attacks, so they merely follow the taunt source. If a unit is still affected by fear after the taunt expires, they start fleeing. If a unit is still affected by taunt after the fear expired, they start attacking.


Like stuns, fears are strong disables. They can be used to initiate, stop an enemy, protect allies, or interrupt channeling spells. Their advantage over stuns is that they can also be used to displace enemies, forcing them out of position.

By forcing units to move, fear breaks sources of invisibility which require the user to stay still like Fade and Meld. It also works very well with other movement-related abilities like Rupture, and Dream Coil.

Sources of fear[]

  • Terrorize icon.png
    Duration: 3.5/3.75/4 (Talent 5/5.25/5.5)
    Radius: 400
    Forces enemies to flee towards their fountain.
  • Spirit Siphon icon.png
    Fear Duration: 4
    Drain Time Required to Fear: 4
    Requires Aghanim's Shard. Forces enemies to run away from the caster. The fear relies on the link buff on caster, not on the debuff on the target, so even if the debuff gets dispelled, the fear is still applied. Cannot apply the fear if the target is invulnerable, hidden or spell immune on the 4th second.
  • Savage Roar icon.png
    Duration: 1.4/1.8/2.2/2.6
    Radius: 375
    Forces enemies to flee towards their fountain. Only affects player-controlled units.
  • Requiem of Souls icon.png
    Duration Per Line: 0.8 (Talent1.2)
    Max Duration: 2.4 (Talent3.6)
    Line Travel Distance: 1000
    Line Starting Width: 125
    Line End Width: 350
    Forces enemies to run away from Shadow Fiend. Passive cast on death does not apply Fear.
  • Terror Wave icon.png
    Fear Duration: 2.5
    Radius: 1600
    With Scepter upgrade. Does not affect Spell Immune units. Forces enemies to run away from Terrorblade.

Version history[]


Patch history[]

  • Fixed fear not reliably forcing non-hero units to flee towards their fountain.
  • Fixed fear make units stand still if its last command is stop/halt.