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See this page for the vast differences between the game's lore and the animated series' lore

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Associated With
Heroes Davion of Dragon Hold Dragon Knight minimap icon.png Davion
Crystal Maiden minimap icon.png Crystal Maiden
Lina minimap icon.png Lina
Terrorblade minimap icon.png Terrorblade
Races Human
Factions Dragon Knights
Dragon Clan
Places Dragon Hold
Characters Kaden

Father is a character exclusive to the series of Dota: Dragon's Blood. He is one of the leaders of the Dragon Knight order alongside Ritterfau.[1][2]


  1. Tweet by @ashmasterzero "Ritterfau is technically one of “the” Fathers or Masters of the Order but only Father is referred to by the title."
  2. Tweet by @ashmasterzero "Welcome to Dragon Hold, where Father (played by @jeffreycombs) and Ritterfau (played by @johndelancie ) lead the knights of their order in an endless war to rid the world of the dragon plague. But how far will they go to win it? What are they prepared to sacrifice… and whom?"