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Faerie Dragons
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Heroes Puck minimap icon.png Puck
Races Fae
Places Undertree
Fae Realm
Hidden Temple
Cosmetics Aether-Wings
Texts Scrolls of Haize

Faerie Dragons are a race that originate from a different dimension. They are neotenous, and extremely long-lived. [1] Its best known member is the mischievous Puck minimap icon.png Puck.

Physical Description[]

Faerie Dragons are small, flying creatures with six prehensile limbs, and a tail that bifurcates into two curled tips. Some individuals are known to possess glowing tails, creating a spectacle of light in flight that is seldom witnessed.[2] They have two large eyes, and several antennae on their heads. The wings are insect-like, and exist in a realm slightly out of sync with the rest of their body, allowing them to molt and change forms independently of their bodies.[3] They also and contains magical dust that can be released at will.[4]

Faerie Dragons larvae reach adulthood in a chrysalis, before being hatched on fronds of the Undertree. This incubation can last for a million years, and a single Faerie Dragon may undergo several metamorphoses.[5] Upon emerging from their pupae, the larvae are transformed into nymphs, which retain juvenile features. Faerie Dragons rejuvenate themselves by molting, which can change their appearance.[6]

Faerie dragon blood is apparently rare, and used in alchemy.[7]


Playful and mischievous by nature, Faerie Dragons are known to play tricks and tell jokes. Some are able to traverse to different realms and dimensions, such as Claszureme.[8]

Young Faerie Dragons eat the leaves, roots, and stalks of the Undertree. Aside from plant matter, Faerie Dragons can also be cannibalistic, consuming their own siblings for sustenance.[9]

The Scrolls of Haize quoted by Puck may be of cultural importance to the Faerie Dragons, and states that youth comes with responsibilities.[10]

Faerie Dragons can be hostile to outsiders. Those who try to observe their glowing flight on moonless nights often lose their lives in the process.[2]


The Fearie Dragons may be related to the Fae and the Fae Realm, and subsequently share similar powers. The Fae Mireska complains that Puck regularly interferes in her business,[11] and she and Puck are both able to understand Mercurial's speech.[12]

Faerie Dragons have been known to visit the Hidden Temple.[13]


  • Faerie Dragons are based on a species of the same name from the Warcraft universe.


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