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ExperienceXP is an element heroes can gather by killing enemy units, or being present as enemy units get killed. On its own, experience does nothing, but when accumulated, it increases the hero's level, so that they grow more powerful. Only heroes can gather experience and therefore reach higher levels.

With each level gained, a hero's base attributes increase by static values, which makes them stronger in several ways. Heroes may also learn new abilities upon leveling up, or improve already learned spells onto higher levels, making them more powerful. Talent Talents may also be learned on certain levels, which further improve the hero's stats or abilities.


Each hero begins at level 1, with one free ability point to spend. Heroes may level up by acquiring certain amounts of experience. Upon leveling up, the hero's Strength attribute symbol.png / Agility attribute symbol.png / Intelligence attribute symbol.png attributes increase by fixed amounts (unique for each hero), which makes them overall more powerful. Heroes may also gain more ability points by leveling up, allowing them to learn new abilities, to improve an already learned ability, making it more powerful or to gain additional attributes. On certain levels, ability points may also be spent for Talent talents, which further improve their stats or abilities. Ability points do not need to be spent immediately, a hero can level up multiple times while saving the ability points.

The amount of experience required to level up increases for each level. There is no specific formula for this requirement, but rather just set values for each individual level. Heroes can gain a total for 29 levels, resulting in level 30 as the highest possible level a hero can reach.

Hero level Total XP XP Needed Unlocks
1 0 230
2 230 370
3 600 480
4 1080 580 Lvl 1 Divided We Stand
5 1660 600
6 2260 720 Lvl 1 Ultimate
7 2980 750
8 3730 890
9 4620 930
10 5550 970 Talent 1
11 6520 1010 Lvl 2 Divided We Stand
12 7530 1050 Lvl 2 Ultimate
13 8580 1225
14 9805 1250
15 11055 1275 Talent 2
16 12330 1300
17 13630 1325
18 14955 1500 Lvl 3 Ultimate
19 16455 1590
20 18045 1600 Talent 3
21 19645 1850
22 21495 2100
23 23595 2350
24 25945 2600
25 28545 3500 Talent 4
26 32045 4500
27 36545 5500 Talent 1
28 42045 6500 Talent 2
29 48545 7500 Talent 3
30 56045 - Talent 4

Acquiring Experience[]

Experience is awarded in a 1500 radius when an enemy hero dies to any ally, or when an enemy non-hero units (creeps or summons) dies to any ally or any neutral creep. This experience is shared between all allied heroes within the area, splitting it evenly amongst them. Therefore, the more heroes there are, the less every individual hero gets, and if no hero is nearby, the experience is effectively lost or wasted. Additionally, heroes that are already level 30 still take their share of experience within range, also effectively wasting experience.

Dying units do not grant any experience if they have Reincarnation. Dying summons or illusions do not grant any experience if their lifetime runs out naturally.

Heroes must be alive to gain experience. Other status effects, such as spell immunity, invulnerability and banishment, do not prevent a hero from gaining experience.

With the exception of Meepo Clones, hero clones and illusions do not gain any experience, and are not considered by the experience sharing.

Meepo's clones take 30% of experience, instead of 100%. This means when a Meepo clone is alone, 70% of the experience gets lost. When one ally is nearby, the clone gets 15% of the experience, while the ally gets 85%, with 2 allies, the clone gets 10%, the allies share 90% and etc.

Experience sharing for the Meepo Clones and their allies can be defined as Experience sharing for the Meepo Clones and their allies can be defined as:

Hero Kills[]

Hero kills give experience in an area as well, splitting it up amongst all present heroes. However, unlike non-hero kills, hero kills always grant experience to the hero of the player who killed them, regardless of distance. This means when a player kills an enemy hero while outside the experience range (with a global spell, or with units under their control), but has an ally within the experience range of the killed enemy hero (regardless of any actual contribution to the kill), the experience is split between the killing player's hero, and the hero of the allied player who was within range of the kill.

Experience granted by heroes is determined by the following values and formula:

Hero Kills Base XP Factor XP
100XP 0.13

BountyXP = (100XP + 0.13 × DeadHeroXP) / n + StreakXP

This means for every 7.69XP the dying hero has, their experience bounty increases by 1XP, starting with a base experience of 100XP.

The following table shows the experience bounty ranges based on the level of the killed hero. The experience bounty does not increase past level 25.

Dead Hero Level Possible Current XP of dead hero Possible XP bounty of dead hero
1 0 - 229 100 - 129.77
2 230 - 599 129.9 - 177.87
3 600 - 1079 178 - 240.27
4 1080 - 1659 240.4 - 315.67
5 1660 - 2259 315.8 - 393.67
6 2260 - 2979 393.8 - 487.27
7 2980 - 3729 487.4 - 584.77
8 3730 - 4619 584.9 - 700.47
9 4620 - 5549 700.6 - 821.37
10 5550 - 6519 821.5 - 947.47
11 6520 - 7529 947.6 - 1078.77
12 7530 - 8579 1078.9 - 1215.27
13 8580 - 9804 1215.4 - 1374.52
14 9805 - 11054 1374.65 - 1537.02
15 11055 - 12329 1537.15 - 1702.77
16 12330 - 13629 1702.9 - 1871.77
17 13630 - 14954 1871.9 - 2044.02
18 14955 - 16454 2044.15 - 2239.02
19 16455 - 18044 2239.15 - 2445.72
20 18045 - 19644 2445.85 - 2653.72
21 19645 - 21494 2653.85 - 2894.22
22 21495 - 23594 2894.35 - 3167.22
23 23595 - 25944 3167.35 - 3472.72
24 25945 - 28544 3472.85 - 3810.72
25 - 30 28545 3810.85

Streak Values[]

Additionally, if the killed hero had a killing streak going on, bonus experience is awarded for killing them, on top of the default experience values. This experience bonus depends on the killed hero's level.

Streak Value Bonus Experience does not increase past beyond GODLIKE.

The streak experience bounty is defined by the following formula:

f(x) = x2 - x + 10 × L

The following bonuses are granted for ending a streak:

Streak length Streak name Streak value (XP)
0, 1, 2 N/A N/A 0
3 ▶️ Player is on a killing spree 16 × Level
4 ▶️ Player is dominating 22 × Level
5 ▶️ Player is on a mega Kill streak 30 × Level
6 ▶️ Player is unstoppable! 40 × Level
7 ▶️ Player is wicked sick 52 × Level
8 ▶️ Player is on a monster kill streak 66 × Level
9 ▶️ Player is GODLIKE 82 × Level
10+ ▶️ Player is beyond GODLIKE, someone kill them!! 100 × Level
Announcer responses are customizable


Main Article: Outposts

Outposts are buildings located within the primary jungles of both teams, close to the small neutral creep camps on the highground - West from the camp in the Radiant jungle and East from the camp in the Dire jungle. Outposts start out belonging to the team on their side, and can be captured by the enemy after destroying a tier 2 tower. Taking back a stolen outpost can be done without having to destroy an enemy tier 2 tower.

Watch Tower icon.png
There is no description for this ability.
True Sight Radius: 500
Capture Distance: 400
Capture Time: 6
Experience Per Minute: 2
Experience Gametime Interval: 60
True Sight Aura Linger Duration: 0.5
Modifiers [?]


  • Capturing an outposts causes its teams to get changed, so that it now grants vision, true sight and experience to the team that captured it.
  • Can only be captured after at least one enemy tier two tower has fallen.
  • An outpost can be captured by ordering the hero to attack it. An attack order is given by right-clicking, or by pressing the attack hotkey and selecting the outpost as a target.
    • Once the hero is within the capture range, the channeling for the capture begins.
    • Meepo minimap icon.png Meepo clones, Arc Warden Tempest Double minimap icon.png Tempest Doubles and an upgraded Vengeful Spirit minimap icon.png Vengeance illusion are also able to capture the outpost.
    • Since a hero executing an attack order is required to capture it, it cannot be captured while disarmed. However, getting disarmed while already channeling it does not cancel it.
  • The capture time gets lower the more players channel it, equaling the given channel time, divided by the amount of players who channel.
    • This results in a channel time of 6/3/2/1.5/1.2 seconds for 1/2/3/4/5 channeling players.
    • The same player channeling an Outpost with multiple heroes (via clones) does not speed up the channel time.
  • While channeling, the enemy gains caster vision over the channeling heroes, so that the capturing heroes are always visible to their enemies.
  • Outposts grant experience to the owning team on each minute mark.
    • Only one outpost may grant experience. When owning both outposts, the experience does not get doubled.
    • Grants each allied hero 2/4/6/8/10/20/30/40/60/80/100/120/180/240 Experience Experience on the 1/2/3/4/5/10/15/20/30/40/50/60/90/120 minute marks.
  • The True Sight is provided within the whole area, regardless of the buildings actual vision. It is fully unobstructed.
    • The True Sight is provided by an aura which affects enemies. Its debuff lingers for seconds.


Main Article: Denying

When a hero gets denied (be it by allies or by the hero itself), 0% no experience is awarded to enemies around it. This also applies to heroes killed by neutral creeps.

When other player-controlled units get denied, 0% experience is awarded to the enemy either. Summons dying to neutral creeps do not count as denied and grant their default experience bounty.

When a lane creep gets denied, the enemy gets 50% of its Experience Experience bounty, instead of 100%. Lane creeps dying to neutral creeps do not count as denied and grant their default experience bounty.

Experience Granting Abilities[]

Some abilities award a hero with experience when used.

  • Hand of Midas icon.png
    Experience Bonus Multiplier: 2.1
    Multiplies the target's experience value.
  • Tome of Knowledge icon.png
    Base Experience Gained: 700
    Bonus Experience Gained per Previous Tome: 135
    The first two tomes used only grant the base 700XP. Each subsequent Tome used by that team grants a bonus 135XP than the previous Tome, has no upper limit.

Other Experience Sources[]

Most creeps have a fixed experience value they grant. This includes lane creeps and most summoned units. Buildings do not grant any experience.

Neutral creeps have each a unique base value, which stays the same throught the match, although neutral creeps that spawned by getting stacked have a 15% penalty on their experience bounty. Roshan icon.png Roshan's experience bounty increases by 20 every 1 minute. Neutral creeps always grant experience to both teams, no matter who kills them, splitting it evenly amongst all present heroes.

Lane Creeps[]

Main Article: Lane creeps
Creep Experience
Melee creeps.png
Melee Creep
Ranged creeps.png
Ranged Creep
Siege creeps.png
Siege Creep
Melee creeps.png
Super Melee Creep
Ranged creeps.png
Super Ranged Creep
Siege creeps.png
Super Siege Creep
Mega Melee creeps.png
Mega Melee Creep
Mega Ranged creeps.png
Mega Ranged Creep

Neutral Creeps[]

Main Article: Neutral creeps


Roshan model.png
400 + 20 per minute


Main Article: Summons


Recent Changes[]

Main Article: Experience/Changelogs
  • Changed kill streak experience bonus formula from (StreakLength - 1) × 10XP × DeadHeroLVL to (StreakLength² - StreakLength + 10XP) × DeadHeroLVL.
  • Watch Tower
    • Changed experience gain formula from 20XP/min - 50XP to 2XP/min.
    • Reduced experience gain interval from 600 to 60.
    • Compared to the previous version at 10/20/30/40 minutes, total ExperienceXP given per player changed from 150/500/1050/1800XP to 110/420/930/1640XP.
  • Increased hero kill base experience bounty from 40XP to 100XP.
    • Formula: 40XP + DeadHeroXP × 0.13 to 100XP + DeadHeroXP × 0.13.