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Exile Unveiled
Cosmetic icon Exile Unveiled
Wearable 18178
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Phantom Assassin
Rarity: Legendary
Slot: Persona

Raised in secret by outcast sisters of the Veiled Order, Asan the exile has spent a lifetime in pursuit of a single purpose: to destroy the false prophet that his teachers blamed for the corruption of their once-sacred faith. And while his guardians have been taken from him one-by-one by the blades of the veiled assassins, Asan is at last ready to step from the shadows -- to realize the dark dreams of his masters and ensure the oracle's most-feared prophecies come to deadly fruition.
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▶️ Dark prophecy rises. And none of you will hide from my wrath.
— 'Asan'

This Persona is awarded to players who leveled Battle Pass 2022 to 296.


Customization Type Preview
Loadout Spawn File:Exile Unveiled loadout.webm
Rare 1 File:Exile Unveiled loadout rare.webm
Rare 2
Spawn Animation File:Exile Unveiled idle.webm
Idle Animation
Idled Aggreesive Animation
Idled Injured Animation
Idle Rare 1 Animation File:Exile Unveiled idle rare.webm
Idle Rare 2 Animation
Attack Chop Animation File:Exile Unveiled attack.webm
Attack Stab Animation
Attack Left Animation
Attack Right Animation
Attack Punch Animation
Attack Backhand Animation
Punch Close
Animation File:Exile Unveiled attack close.webm
Backhand Close
Hilt Bash
Run Animation File:Exile Unveiled run.webm
Run Alt Animation
Run Chase Animation
Run Aggressive Animation
Run Aggressive Rare Animation
Run Injured Animation
Force Staff Animation File:Exile Unveiled Force Staff.webm
Blink Dagger Animation File:Exile Unveiled Blink Dagger.webm
Channel Animation File:Exile Unveiled channel.webm
Teleport Animation File:Exile Unveiled teleport.webm
Effect (Blood)
Teleport End Animation
Death 1 Animation File:Exile Unveiled death.webm
Death 2 Animation
Death Overkill Animation
Defeat Animation Start File:Exile Unveiled defeat.webm
Animation Loop
Victory Animation Start File:Exile Unveiled victory.webm
Animation Loop
Stifling Dagger icon Stifling Dagger Animation File:Exile Unveiled Stifling Dagger.webm
Phantom Strike icon Phantom Strike Animation File:Exile Unveiled Phantom Strike.webm
Coup de Grace icon Coup de Grace Animation File:Exile Unveiled Coup De Grace.webm

Hero Icons[]

Customization Preview
Minimap Icon Exile Unveiled Phantom Assassin minimap icon
Top icon Exile Unveiled Phantom Assassin icon
Portrait File:Exile Unveiled portrait.gif

Ability Icons[]

Stifling Dagger icon Stifling Dagger Phantom Strike icon Phantom Strike Blur icon Blur Coup de Grace icon Coup de Grace Fan of Knives icon Fan of Knives
Exile Unveiled Stifling Dagger icon Exile Unveiled Phantom Strike icon Exile Unveiled Blur icon File:Exile Unveiled Coup De Grace icon.png Exile Unveiled Fan of Knives icon

Old Icons[]

Coup de Grace icon Coup de Grace
Exile Unveiled Coup De Grace icon old

Voice Responses[]

Customization Preview
All new lines Preview
Chat Wheel Dota Plus Responses



  • This item works like an equipment set, but the individual items for each slot are hidden.

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