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Enfos Team Survival
Claymore icon.png
Play as a team of 5 to hold off 42 waves of monsters that get progressively more and more difficult! Hold the waves off longer than the enemy team to win the game. Each team starts with 100 lives, and each creep leaked through to the base loses 1 life. First team to 0 loses!
Workshop:Enfos Team Survival
Teams:5v5, PvE
Creator:Amuse, vc
Last update:2015-10-1
Latest version:Unknown
Average duration:10-30 minutes

Effective Physical Damage by Attack Type and Armor Type[]

Armor Type
Belt of Strength icon.png
Stout Shield icon.png
Buckler icon.png
Shiva's Guard icon.png
Assault Cuirass icon.png
Crimson Guard icon.png
Claymore icon.png
100% 100% 125% 100% 80% 100%
Javelin icon.png
150% 200% 75% 100% 50% 50%
Mithril Hammer icon.png
150% 100% 50% 100% 150% 50%
Quarterstaff icon.png
100% 125% 75% 150% 40% 50%
Silver Edge icon.png
100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
Radiance icon.png
100% 100% 100% 100% 50% 100%
Cloak icon.png
Spell Resistance
0% 0% 0% -25% 0% 25%


Combat Heroes[]


Trained at the Dragon Dance Disciplines, the Ahlen can combine offensive and defensive abilities with good fighting skills to battle against his foes.

Blood Dancer

The ferocious Blood Dance Discipline that was taught to him makes him an excellent killer with a high attack speed, but a poor defender, with a low amount of hit points.


Reckless and savage hero, sacrifices his own defenses for some heavy damage and high attack speed.

Faenrae Champion

One of the Faenrae's Chieftains, this hero uses the witchcraft learned at Dark Hand, his homeland, to aid him in battle.

Holy Warrior

Defender of Chadratu's Holy Order, the Holy Warrior can unleash the power given by his god to protect his allies, and unleash it upon his foes.

Magic Infuser

Using the powerful magic imbued in his equipment, this hero can use many different abilities, including healing himself and launching powerful energy waves

Troll Cannibal

Adept in the troll art of Axe throwing, he is known for being able to behead his enemies in a single throw, but he is more feared for his ability to steal the soul of his slain enemies, and gain a portion of their strength.


Faithful server of Chadatru, the Paladin can protect her allies with her great defensive skills, and deal heavy damage while having her high defense up.


Using his heavy hammer, the Weaponsmith has a really slow attack speed, but each hammer swing can deal some great amount of damage in an area. And using his war rites, he can raise this damage even more.

Caster Heroes[]

Arcane Mistress

Adept at the Ice Spells, she can inflict heavy damage, chill and even completely freeze enemies either near of far from her.


Master of the deadly Lightning Magic, the Evoker can deal a very high amount of damage to enemies that are close to each other.


A Heavy adept of the Moon Magic, the Mentalist focused his arts on a different type of combat, using his weapon in close combat and spells to help him to survive and deal high damage. Unfortunately, he's still a mage, and thus, he has a low life amount.

Moon Mage

Master of the Moon Magic, She's a powerful and hard-to-manage hero. Her spells are some of the most destructive among all heroes, but that power has a cost: she has a very poor life amount.


Zulman the Revenant is the master of the ability to communicate with the dead. He seeks aid from summoned spirits to help him and his allies in battle as well as making the life miserable for his foes


This ancient tamer has stolen the souls of wild creatures, who are now fated to serve him. He can summon them and use his powers to make them even stronger.


Master of the Wind Magic, this balanced caster can shape the weather to deal high damage, push enemies back or even heal allies.


Taught by the ancient witches of Mer'Kresh, the Warlock can focus his skills to steal energy from enemy heroes and disturb them in combat. He also can channel this energy into a powerful spell that can kill everything around him.

Warrior Mage

The Elemental Magic learned by the Warrior Mage can give him abilities for all sort of occasions. His skills can be used to lure, deal damage or even to distract other heroes.

Support Heroes[]

Time Mage

Master of the trecherous Time Spells, the Time Mage can freely play with time. He can bend time to hast allies and slow enemies, he can also stop time for them.


Schooled in a wide range of skills and lore, the Bard can really change the tide of a battle by enhancing her partner's perception and recovering energy of their spellbringer's.

Battle Chanter

Skilled as a fighter as well as a musician, his powerful songs are able to change enemies' attack and greatly increase friends' abilities.


The mysterious Empath's art forced her to abdicate her attack, but her skills are imcomparable. She can heal allies, provide nice support with armour enhancing aura and even create items


Odo the Trader comes from a famous merchants guild. There, he learned the secrets of using mana to create wood and to get extra bounty from creeps killed near him. His set of skills makes him an excellent support hero for any party.


User of the Shadow Magic, this mysterious Hero can manipulate other units' properties and heavily enhance partner's attributes

Shadow Priest

This troll mastered the sectets of Shadow Magic and can use the highest level spells of the Shadow Book. His skills can create copies of allies and for the minds of enemies. He's even able to give extra lives for his team

Rounded Heroes[]


Skilled at fire spells, the Cabalist was trained in both close combat and in spell casting. He can deal a massive amount of damage and even make enemies miss attacks.


The holy powers conceded to the Cleric make her expert at surviving and holding opponents, but doesn't make her unable to kill large hordes of enemies


Master of Earth Spells, he's an expert at holding lots of opponents. Can stun and slow them for long periods.


Raised among the wildest creatures, the Ranger learned how to take advantage of her long range to survive. She can summon her god's pet to aid her in battle and use her skills to increase both her and her pets' damage; however, she can't use her bow in close combat.


Wielding a rifle crafted by dwarven mastersmiths, the Sniper can fire from a huge distance, dealing great damage. His technique may be good at killing enemies from afar, but he can be an easy prey in close combat.


Awoken from his eternal sleep by Nature Magic, the Spiked Tree can use ancient secrets to reduce his enemies' armor and increase his partners'. Also greatly increases his partners' killing power with his backfire aura


This tricky hero may look weak at first glance, but he can use Dark Arts to swiftly kill his enemies. His arts make him also capable of stealing gold from other heroes


Shop Consumables Icon.png Consumables[]

Clarity icon.png Hisan Salve (20) Clarity icon.png Kirmhiro Draught (125) Clarity icon.png Greater Kirmhiro Draught (1000) Default recipe icon.png Scroll of Kirmhiro (6000)
Healing Salve icon.png Potion of Healing (20) Healing Salve icon.png Potion of Greater Healing (100) Healing Salve icon.png Potion of Ultra Healing (500) Default recipe icon.png Scroll of Full Healing (1500)
Sentry Ward icon.png Garden's Vision (50) Bottle (Illusion) icon.png Anti-magic Potion (1500) Bottle (Haste) icon.png Vampiric Potion (750) Quelling Blade icon.png Stone Axe (40)

Shop Attributes Icon.png Attributes[]

Ring of Regen icon.png Ruby-inset Ring (1000) Ring of Regen icon.png Emerald-inset Ring (750) Ring of Regen icon.png Sapphire-inset Ring (500) Ring of Regen icon.png Crystal-etched Ring (2250)
Ring of Regen icon.png Bloodstone-inset Ring (4000) Ring of Regen icon.png Zircon-inset Ring (3000) Ring of Regen icon.png Moonstone-inset Ring (2000) Ring of Regen icon.png Diamond-etched Ring (9000)

Shop Armaments Icon.png Armaments[]

Quarterstaff icon.png Tribal Staff (400) Oblivion Staff icon.png Elder Staff (1200) Claymore icon.png Polished Elven Telo (2500)
Shadow Blade icon.png Gleaming Longsword (400) Demon Edge icon.png Bloodthirst (6500) Broadsword icon.png Spineripper (8000) Desolator icon.png Nimsha (10000)

Shop Arcane Icon.png Equipment[]

Boots of Speed icon.png Winged Leather Boots (400) Boots of Travel icon.png Elven Stalking Boots (300) Tranquil Boots icon.png Arbelog Paw Boots (500)
Fighting the Year Beast Vermillion Robe icon.png Studded Leather Armor (350) Platemail icon.png Elven Plate Mail (850) Poor Man's Shield icon.png Small Round Shield (1200) Buckler icon.png Tower Shield (1500)

Shop Caster Icon.png Artifacts (all items cost lumber)[]

Aghanim's Scepter icon.png Agani Tayeu'a (80) Helm of the Dominator icon.png Ironbark Leathers (150) Vanguard icon.png Dragon-scale Shield (180)
Sange icon.png T'kashi Mirror Blade (240) Battle Fury icon.png Uthmor's Skullcleaver (240)

Shop Weapons Icon.png Vault[]

Boots of Travel 2 icon.png Elite Elven Boots (1500) Ring of Aquila icon.png Ring of Victory (1500) Mystic Staff icon.png Scepter of the Magi (5000)
Ethereal Blade icon.png Thirsting Blade (5000) Reaver icon.png Uthmor's Mirror Blade (10000)
Tango icon.png Buy 1 Lumber (125) Tango icon.png Buy 10 Lumber (1250) Tango icon.png Buy 80 Lumber (10000)
Hand of Midas icon.png Sell 1 Lumber (+100) Hand of Midas icon.png Sell 10 Lumber (+1000) Hand of Midas icon.png Sell 80 Lumber (+8000)

Shop Common Icon.png Trader's Guild Shop[]

Tango icon.png Cebi Root (2) Healing Salve icon.png Potion of Healing+2 (20) Clarity icon.png Greater Hisan Salve (100)
Town Portal Scroll icon.png Scroll of Teleportation (50) Dust of Appearance icon.png Lure Pouch (250) Linken's Sphere icon.png Orb of Absorption (150)
Assault Cuirass icon.png Ivory Mail (1500) Ultimate Orb icon.png Sunstone (750) Satanic icon.png Dwarven Pride (2500)
Bloodstone icon.png Bloodstone (4000) Healing Salve icon.png Potion of Greater Healing+2 (100)