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Enchanted Quiver is a Tier 3 neutral item dropped by neutral creeps.

Enchanted Quiver
Enchanted Quiver icon.png
A graceful gift blessed by the goddess of the hunt.
Tier 3 Neutral Drop
Passive ? Certain Strike
Bonus ?
Shareable Yes
Usage Alert ? No
Drop Rate 10% (Ancient Camps 30%)
Availability ? 27th MIN+
Enchanted Quiver


Certain Strike
Partially usable by illusions. Pierces spell immunity.
Empowers your next attack with 225 bonus magical damage and True Strike. Ranged Attackers have +350 bonus range for the attack.
Attack Range Bonus: 350
Damage: 225
Cooldown: 4
Partially usable by illusions.
Illusion Notes:
Does not benefit from the conditional bonus attack damage.
Other aspects of Certain Strike are fully functional.


  • The attack range bonus only affects Ranged ranged attacks. Melee Melee attacks only apply the bonus damage.
  • The bonus damage is considered as a conditional attack damage bonus and is magical damage.
    • Although the attack damage bonus values are not displayed in the HUD, it is still considered and directly added to the unit's attack damage.
    • It is not considered by lifesteal, crit or cleave.
    • It can be reduced only by flat reductions (e.g. magical damage barrier).
    • Since it is considered bonus attack damage, it is not affected by percentage-based attack damage bonuses or reductions.
  • Certain Strike triggers against any attack target, but the damage and True Strike are not applied if the target is a building.
  • Certain Strike cannot miss.

Recommended Heroes[]

Drow Ranger icon.png
Drow Ranger
Outworld Destroyer icon.png
Outworld Destroyer
Puck icon.png
Queen of Pain icon.png
Queen of Pain
Templar Assassin icon.png
Templar Assassin

Recent Changes[]

  • Certain Strike
    • Reduced Ranged ranged attack range bonus from 400 to 350.
    • Increased damage from 200 to 225.
  • Certain Strike
    • Reduced damage from 300 to 200.
    • Reduced cooldown from 5 to 4.