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Enchanted Mango is an item purchasable at the Base Shop, under Consumables. They may also be dug up with a Trusty Shovel icon.png Trusty Shovel.

Available in the Base Shop
Enchanted Mango
Enchanted Mango icon.png
The bittersweet flavors of Jidi Isle are irresistible to amphibians.
Cost 65 Gold
Sell Value Full price refunded within 10s. 32.5 Gold  / Count
Stacks 3 MAX / Inventory Slot
Active Eat Mango
Charges 1 INIT
Bonus ? +0.6 Health Regeneration
Shareable No
Usage Alert ? No
Enchanted Mango (65)

Additional Information[]

  • The health regeneration from multiple instances fully stacks.
  • Can be cast on allies with Ctrl.
  • Enchanted Mangoes dropped on the ground have an increased pick-up range of 300, compared to the 150 range of all other items.
  • Enchanted Mangoes dug up with Trusty Shovel icon.png Trusty Shovel are fully shareable, but cannot be sold.


Eat Mango
Self / Allied Heroes
Instantly restores 100 mana.
Cast Range: 400
Mana Restored: 100
Cooldown: 0
Mana: 0


  • Interrupts the caster's channeling abilities upon cast.
  • Always casts on self in one click. When holding the Ctrl key, a target has to be selected.
    • Can only target heroes (including illusions) and creep-heroes.
    • The owner of the item does not have to face the selected target to use the item on them.


  • Enchanted Mangoes are a great source of quick burst restore of mana. One mango usually restores enough mana for most abilities in the early game.
  • Although a Clarity icon.png Clarity restores more mana for less gold, the fact that mangoes restore instantly makes them more valuable in combat. This makes Enchanted Mangoes a better option for aggressive heroes who want to fight as much as possible.


  • Enchanted Mango's description is a reference to an old Weibo post by Icefrog, in which he mentioned that he loves mangoes.
  • It is believed that the item idea came from a Reddit thread where someone suggested a Tango that restores mana — and a user jokingly suggested that the item be named Mango.
  • Prior to the July 14, 2017 Patch, Enchanted Mango's active ability, Eat Mango, did not have an official name. The name was taken from the Dota 2 Wiki and officially implemented into Dota 2.


Recent Changes[]

  • Reduced gold cost from 70 Gold to 65 Gold.
  • [U] Eat Mango no longer has a 250 cast range buffer.
  • Can now be sold.
  • Enchanted Mango icon.png Enchanted Mango can now also appear as a random reward for digging with a Trusty Shovel icon.png Trusty Shovel.
  • Enchanted Mango icon.png Enchanted Mango can no longer be obtained as dropped items from Mango Tree icon.png Mango Trees. [?]
  • Reduced Eat Mango mana restore from 110 to 100.