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Emoticons are animated icons that may be sent through in-game or dashboard chat channels. Dota Plus subscribers may equip emoticons in their Chat Wheel. A maximum of four emoticons can be displayed per line.


Chat code Preview Origin
:blush: Emoticon blush Compendium Emoticon Pack
:cheeky: Emoticon cheeky
:cool: Emoticon cool
:crazy: Emoticon crazy
:cry: Emoticon cry
:disapprove: Emoticon disapprove
:doubledamage: Emoticon doubledamage
:facepalm: Emoticon facepalm
:happytears: Emoticon happytears
:haste: Emoticon haste
:hex: Emoticon hex
:highfive: Emoticon highfive
:huh: Emoticon huh
:hush: Emoticon hush
:illusion: Emoticon illusion
:invisibility: Emoticon invisibility
:laugh: Emoticon laugh
:rage: Emoticon rage
:regeneration: Emoticon regeneration
:sad: Emoticon sad
:sick: Emoticon sick
:sleeping: Emoticon sleeping
:smile: Emoticon smile
:surprise: Emoticon surprise
:wink: Emoticon wink
:ti4copper: TI4 copper Copper 2014 Compendium Gem
:ti4bronze: TI4 bronze Bronze 2014 Compendium Gem
:ti4silver: TI4 silver Silver 2014 Compendium Gem
:ti4gold: TI4 gold Gold 2014 Compendium Gem
:ti4platinum: TI4 platinum Platinum 2014 Compendium Gem
:ti4diamond: TI4 diamond Diamond 2014 Compendium Gem
:cocky: Emoticon cocky The International 2015 Emoticon Pack I
:devil: Emoticon devil
:happy: Emoticon happy
:thinking: Emoticon thinking
:tp: Emoticon tp
:salty: Emoticon salty
:angel: Emoticon angel
:blink: Emoticon blink The International 2015 Emoticon Pack II
:snot: Emoticon snot
:stunned: Emoticon stunned
:disappear: Emoticon disappear
:fire: Emoticon fire
:bountyrune: Emoticon bountyrune
:troll: Emoticon troll
:gross: Emoticon gross The International 2015 Emoticon Pack III
:ggdire: Emoticon ggdire
:ggradiant: Emoticon ggradiant
:yolo: Emoticon yolo
:throwgame: Emoticon throwgame
:aegis2015: Emoticon aegis2015
:eyeroll: Emoticon eyeroll
:pa_kiss: Emoticon pa kiss The International 2016 Emoticon Pack I
:fuming: Emoticon fuming
:dizzy: Emoticon dizzy
:blush_smile: Emoticon blush smile
:arcane_rune: Emoticon arcane rune
:axe_laugh: Emoticon axe laugh
:zipper: Emoticon zipper
:nervous: Emoticon nervous The International 2016 Emoticon Pack II
:luna_love: Emoticon luna love
:giff: Emoticon giff
:thumbs_down: Emoticon thumbs down
:thumbs_up: Emoticon thumbs up
:surprise_blush: Emoticon surprise blush
:dead_eyes: Emoticon dead eyes
:money: Emoticon money The International 2016 Emoticon Pack III
:unicorn: Emoticon unicorn
:naga_song: Emoticon naga song
:poop: Emoticon poop
:aegis_2016: Emoticon aegis 2016
:tear: Emoticon tear
:grimace: Emoticon grimace The International 2017 Emoticon Pack I
:aegis_2017: Emoticon aegis 2017
:gem: Emoticon gem
:plant: Emoticon plant
:relieved: Emoticon relieved
:foggyh: Emoticon foggy
:eh: Emoticon eh
:flex: Emoticon flex The International 2017 Emoticon Pack II
:gg: Emoticon gg
:donkey: Emoticon donkey
:kiss2: Emoticon kiss2
:observer_ward: Emoticon observer ward
:lick: Emoticon lick
:laugh2: Emoticon laugh2
:sentry_ward: Emoticon sentry ward The International 2017 Emoticon Pack III
:whew: Emoticon whew
:gyro: Emoticon gyro
:nerd: Emoticon nerd
:confounded: Emoticon confounded
:joke: Emoticon joke
:aegis_2020: Emoticon aegis 2020 The International 10 Battle Pass
:doot: Emoticon doot
:eyebrows: Emoticon eyebrows
:glare: Emoticon glare
:grindteeth: Emoticon grindteeth
:midas: Emoticon midas
:puckchamp: Emoticon puckchamp
:skynervous: Emoticon skynervous
:tide_drink: Emoticon tide drink
:oracleburn: Emoticon oracleburn
:mortimer_tongue: Emoticon mortimer tongue
:iostress: Emoticon iostress
:leisure_lion: Emoticon leisure lion
:creepdance: Emoticon creepdance
:cm_wig: Emoticon cm wig
:techweeze: Emoticon techwheeze The International 10 Battle Pass Guilds
:icefrog_giggle: Emoticon icefrog giggle
:high_five: Emoticon high five
:guildbanner: Emoticon guildbanner
:dazzle_shrug: Emoticon dazzle shrug
:aaaah: Emoticon aaaah Despair Emoticon Pack
:burn: Emoticon burn
:hide: Emoticon hide
:iceburn: Emoticon iceburn
:tears: Emoticon tears
:fail: Emoticon fail DotaCinema Emoticon Pack
:goodjob: Emoticon goodjob
:headshot: Emoticon headshot
:heart: Emoticon heart
:horse: Emoticon horse
:bts_bristle: Emoticon bristle The Summit 3 Emoticon Pack
:bts_godz: Emoticon godz
:bts_lina: Emoticon lina
:bts_merlini: Emoticon merlini
:bts_rosh: Emoticon rosh
:dac15_nosewipe: Emoticon dac15 nosewipe DAC Compendium 2015 Emoticon Pack
:dac15_blush: Emoticon dac15 blush
:dac15_face: Emoticon dac15 face
:dac15_cool: Emoticon dac15 cool
:dac15_duel: Emoticon dac15 duel
:dac15_transform: Emoticon dac15 transform
:dac15_stab: Emoticon dac15 stab
:dac15_frog: Emoticon dac15 frog
:dac15_surprise: Emoticon dac15 surprise
:charm_blush: Emoticon charm blush Emoticharm 2015 Emoticon Pack 1
:charm_cheeky: Emoticon charm cheeky
:charm_cool: Emoticon charm cool
:charm_crazy: Emoticon charm crazy Emoticharm 2015 Emoticon Pack 2
:charm_cry: Emoticon charm cry
:charm_disapprove: Emoticon charm disapprove
:charm_facepalm: Emoticon charm facepalm Emoticharm 2015 Emoticon Pack 3
:charm_happytears: Emoticon charm happytears
:charm_highfive: Emoticon charm highfive
:charm_huh: Emoticon charm huh Emoticharm 2015 Emoticon Pack 4
:charm_hush: Emoticon charm hush
:charm_laugh: Emoticon charm laugh
:charm_rage: Emoticon charm rage Emoticharm 2015 Emoticon Pack 5
:charm_sad: Emoticon charm sad
:charm_sick: Emoticon charm sick
:charm_sleeping: Emoticon charm sleeping Emoticharm 2015 Emoticon Pack 6
:charm_surprise: Emoticon charm surprise
:charm_wink: Emoticon charm wink
:charm_smile: Emoticon charm smile Emoticharm 2015 Emoticon Pack 7
:charm_onlooker: Emoticon charm onlooker
:cocky_ti6_charm: Emoticon cocky ti6 charm Emoticharm 2016 Emoticon Pack 1
:devil_ti6_charm: Emoticon devil ti6 charm
:happy_ti6_charm: Emoticon happy ti6 charm
:thinking_ti6_charm: Emoticon thinking ti6 charm Emoticharm 2016 Emoticon Pack 2
:tp_ti6_charm: Emoticon tp ti6 charm
:angel_ti6_charm: Emoticon angel ti6 charm
:hex_ti6_charm: Emoticon hex ti6 charm Emoticharm 2016 Emoticon Pack 3
:snot_ti6_charm: Emoticon snot ti6 charm
:stunned_ti6_charm: Emoticon stunned ti6 charm
:disappear_ti6_charm: Emoticon disappear ti6 charm Emoticharm 2016 Emoticon Pack 4
:fire_ti6_charm: Emoticon fire ti6 charm
:gross_ti6_charm: Emoticon gross ti6 charm
:yolo_ti6_charm: Emoticon yolo ti6 charm Emoticharm 2016 Emoticon Pack 5
:throwgame_ti6_charm: Emoticon throwgame ti6 charm
:eyeroll_ti6_charm: Emoticon eyeroll ti6 charm
:lifestealer_ti6_charm: Emoticon lifestealer ti6 charm Emoticharm 2016 Emoticon Pack 6
:heal_ti6_charm: Emoticon heal ti6 charm
:drunk_ti6_charm: Emoticon drunk ti6 charm
:salty_ti6_charm: Emoticon salty ti6 charm Emoticharm 2016 Emoticon Pack 7 Bundle
:chicken_ti6_charm: Emoticon chicken ti6 charm
:legion_commander_t16_charm: Emoticon legion commander t16 charm
:snowman: Emoticon snowman Winter 2016 Emoticon Pack
:healed: Emoticon healed
:drunk: Emoticon drunk
:trophy_2016: Emoticon trophy 2016
:fall_2016_trophy: Emoticon fall 2016 trophy Fall 2016 Battle Pass Emoticons
:jugg: Emoticon jugg
:no: Emoticon no
:recharge: Emoticon recharge
:dunno: Emoticon dunno Winter 2017 Emoticon Pack
:exclamation: Emoticon exclamation
:venom: Emoticon venom
:brood_love: Emoticon brood love
:heykid: Dotakin axe heykid Dotakin Emoticon Treasure
:huff: Dotakin cm huff
:beg: Dotakin es beg
:kisskiss: Dotakin kunkka kisskiss
:snort: Dotakin mk snort
:sweat: Dotakin naga sweat
:chuckle: Dotakin pudge chuckle
:stars: Dotakin roshan stars
:sleep: Dotakin slark sleep
:bawl: Dotakin tide bawl
:brow: Emoticon brow Autumn Sale Emoticon Pack
:dealwithit: Emoticon dealwithit
:four: Emoticon four
:ggzeus: Emoticon ggzeus
:hahano: Emoticon hahano
:nuh_uh: Emoticon nuh uh
:snicker: Emoticon snicker
:welluhh: Emoticon welluhh
:wplina: Emoticon wplina
:eaglesong_2015: Emoticon eaglesong 2015 Eaglesong 2015 Emoticon
:reaver_2016: Emoticon reaver 2016 The Manila Major 2016 Trophy Emoticon
:bc_check: Emoticon check 2016 Weekend Battle Cup
:bc_eyes: Emoticon eyes
:bc_fire: Emoticon fire bc
:bc_flex: Emoticon bc flex
:bc_frog: Emoticon frog
:bc_100: Emoticon hundred
:bc_ok: Emoticon okay
:wiz_bringit: Emoticon wiz bringit Reward for completing the tier 3 welcoming quests.
:wiz_glhf: Emoticon wiz glhf
:wiz_help: Emoticon wiz help
:wiz_wat: Emoticon wiz wat
:wiz_wow: Emoticon wiz wow
:big_brain: Emoticon big brain Diretide 2020
:chew: Emoticon chew
:creep_complain: Emoticon creep complain
:doom_rip: Emoticon doom guy
:giff_diretide: Emoticon giff diretide
:in_the_bag: Emoticon in the bag
:lucky_cat: Emoticon luckycat
:pugna_sip: Emoticon pugna sip
:unlucky_cat: Emoticon unlucky cat
:pump_mad: Emoticon pump mad
:pump_glad: Emoticon pump glad
:pump_sad: Emoticon pump sad
:mango: Emoticon mango Guild Rewards
:earth_perfect: Emoticon earth perfect
:earth_grin: Emoticon earth grin
:omgomni: Emoticon omgomni Previous Guild Rewards
:diredance: Emoticon diredance
:swiz: Emoticon swiz
:techies: Techies emoticon Techies Emoticon
:grave: Emoticon grave Phantom Assassin Gravestone Emoticon
:pup: Emoticon pup Aurora: Wolf Pup of Icewrack Emoticon
:wrath: Emoticon wrath Zeus Wrath Emoticon
:underlord_ti6_charm: Emoticon underlord ti6 charm Emoticharm 2016 Emoticon Underlord
:monkey_king_ti6_charm: Emoticon monkey king ti6 charm Emoticharm 2016 Emoticon Monkey King
:mischief: Emoticon mischief Great Sage's Reckoning Emoticon
:pudgesteal: Emoticon pudge arcana 01 Abscession Emoticon Pack
:pudgestop: Emoticon pudge arcana 02
:magus_cypher: Emoticon magus cypher The Magus Cypher Emoticon
:darkmoon_chicken: Emoticon darkmoon chicken Dark Moon Emoticon
:siltbreaker: Emoticon siltbreaker trophy Siltbreaker Emoticon
:siltbreaker2: Emoticon siltbreaker trophy 2 Siltbreaker Act II Emoticon
:aegis_2018: Emoticon aegis 2018 Aegis 2018 Emoticon
:aegis_2019: Emoticon aegis 2019 Aegis 2019 Emoticon
:ti10_compendium: Emoticon ti10 compendium The Internaniotal 10 Emoticon
:under_win: Emoticon under win Underhollow Win Emoticon
:under_champ: Emoticon under champ Underhollow Champ Emoticon
:under_king: Emoticon under king Underhollow King Emoticon
:frostivus_2018: Emoticon frostivus 2018 Frosthaven Emoticon
:morokai_woof: Emoticon morokai woof Mo'rokai Emoticon
:cny_rat: Emoticon cny rat New Bloom 2020
:aghs_scepter: Emoticon aghs scepter Aghanim's Labyrinth
:abaddon_depressed: Emoticon abaddon depressed Nemestice 2021 Battle Pass
:bkb: Emoticon bkb
:bloodthirsty: Emoticon bloodthirsty
:dagon: Emoticon dagon
:ember_angry: Emoticon ember angry
:ember_shakefist: Emoticon ember shakefist
:davion_sexy: Emoticon davion sexy

Ranked Emoticons[]

The emoticons are unlocked at each seasonal ranking tier.

Tier Chat Code Emoticon
Uncalibrated :uncalibrated: Emoticon Ranked Uncalibrated
Herald :herald: Emoticon Ranked Herald
Guardian :guardian: Emoticon Ranked Guardian
Crusader :crusader: Emoticon Ranked Crusader
Archon :archon: Emoticon Ranked Archon
Legend :legend: Emoticon Ranked Legend
Ancient :ancient: Emoticon Ranked Ancient
Divine :divine: Emoticon Ranked Divine
Immortal/Top 1000 :immortal: Emoticon Ranked Immortal
Immortal/Top 100 :top100: Emoticon Ranked Top100
Immortal/Top 1 :top1: Emoticon Ranked Top1

Team Emoticons[]

  • Team emoticons are earned by participating in Fantasy Leagues that come with seasonal Battle Passes.
  • Different levels of Fantasy League completion will award different emoticons in three tiers: Default, Silver, and Gold.
  • Only one team emoticon can be selected at a time in the Fantasy League menu.
  • All team emoticons are triggered with the chat code :pro_team:.
  • Team emoticons are temporary and will expire with the Battle Pass.
Preview Team
Emoticon team af Emoticon team af silver Emoticon team af gold Ad Finem
Emoticon team c9 Emoticon team c9 silver Emoticon team c9 gold Cloud9
Emoticon team complexity Emoticon team complexity silver Emoticon team complexity gold compLexity Gaming
Emoticon team dc Emoticon team dc silver Emoticon team dc gold Digital Chaos
Emoticon team ehome Emoticon team ehome silver Emoticon team ehome gold EHOME
Emoticon team eg Emoticon team eg silver Emoticon team eg gold Evil Geniuses
Emoticon team exe Emoticon team exe silver Emoticon team exe gold Execration
Emoticon team fnatic Emoticon team fmatic silver Emoticon team fnatic gold Fnatic
Emoticon team hellraisers Emoticon team hellraisers silver Emoticon team hellraisers gold HellRaisers
Emoticon team infamous Emoticon team infamous silver Emoticon team infamous gold Infamous
Emoticon team ig Emoticon team ig silver Emoticon team ig gold Invictus Gaming
Emoticon team igv Emoticon team igv silver Emoticon team igv gold iG Vitality
Emoticon team lgd Emoticon team lgd silver Emoticon team lgd gold LGD Gaming
Emoticon team lfy Emoticon team lfy silver Emoticon team lfy gold LGD.Forever Young
Emoticon team mvp Emoticon team mvp silver - MVP Phoenix
Emoticon team newbee Emoticon team newbee silver Emoticon team newbee gold Newbee
Emoticon team og Emoticon team og silver Emoticon team og gold OG
Emoticon team empire Emoticon team tempire silver Emoticon team empire gold Team Empire
Emoticon team faceless Emoticon team faceless silver Emoticon team faceless gold Team Faceless
Emoticon team liquid Emoticon team liquid silver Emoticon team liquid gold Team Liquid
Emoticon team np Emoticon team np silver Emoticon team np gold Team NP
Emoticon team secret Emoticon team secret silver Emoticon team secret gold Team Secret
Emoticon team tnc Emoticon team tnc silver Emoticon team tnc gold TNC Pro Team
Emoticon team vp Emoticon team vp silver Emoticon team vp gold
Emoticon team wg Emoticon team wg silver Emoticon team wg gold WarriorsGaming.Unity
Emoticon team wings Emoticon team wings silver Emoticon team wings gold Wings Gaming

Supporters Club[]

Natural Order (Astral Spirit) icon
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  • Supporters Club emoticons are unlocked by joining a team's Silver supporter's club.
Emoticon Chat code Team


These emoticons were once in the game files, but were never used.

Chat code Preview Notes
- Dotakin slardar wait
- Emoticon kunkka
- Emoticon grave unused
- Emoticon dac15 unreleased Legion Commander
- Emoticon dac15 unreleased Lone Druid
- Emoticon dac15 unreleased Riki
- Emoticon dac15 unreleased Storm Spirit
- Emoticon dac15 unreleased Ancient Apparition
- Emoticon dac15 unreleased Bane
- Emoticon dac15 unreleased Alchemist
- Emoticon dac15 unreleased Faceless Void
- Emoticon dac15 unreleased Tidehunter
- Emoticon check unused
- Emoticon square
- Emoticon frog unused