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Emblems are special promotional items that grant a custom particle effect around the feet of the player. Some emblems come with additional effects.

Patch History[]

  • Updated expiry dates and description.
  • Renamed from Sunken Relic to Sunken Emblem.
    • Renamed item slot from Relic to Emblem.
  • Sunken Relic is now tagged as a commodity. This means it is up for trade offers.
  • Sunken Relic
    • Updated description.
    • Only one Sunken Relic can be active on a team, so in matches with multiple players with Sunken Relics, the active Sunken Relics are determined by players' Battle Pass levels.
    • Update 4
      • Fixed being not tradeable or marketable.
      • Now it is just non-deletable.
  • Update 5
    • Renamed The International 2017 Aura to Sunken Relic.
    • Updated item description.