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Gods Omniscience
Cosmetics Adoring Wingfall
Champion of Emauracus

Emauracus is a place in the Dota 2 world, known for its cavernous cliffs. The priests of the Omniscience dwell in these caves, which lead deep into the earth, where the Omniscience resides. A journey to the Omniscience can take many weeks. Sacrificial pits to the Omniscience can also be found, although it is unknown whether these pits are natural, or man-made.[1] The high cliffs of Emauracus is symbolized by a pair of wings, sometimes found on armor and equipment.[2]

Powerful relics, like the Adoring Wingfall hammer, are kept in the vaults of Emauracus.[3] The forgemaster of Emauracus claims he is the best smith alive, but even he is amazed by the armors forged by the first knights who received the Omniscience's blessing.[4]


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