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This article is about the Elven race in Dota 2 lore. For their counterpart in the animated series of Dota: Dragon's Blood, see Elves (Dragon's Blood).
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Items Band of Elvenskin icon.png Band of Elvenskin
Elven Tunic icon.png Elven Tunic

Elves are a race of people in the lore of Dota 2.


Very little is known about them, but it may be assumed that they have pointed ears, like typical modern elves in fiction. And yet this is a common feature among Dota 2's diverse races, so maybe they cannot be made distinct by such a widespread characteristic.


Apparently, the elves make clothing articles of high quality, as shown below.


Judging by its name, this Band of Elvenskin icon.png Band of Elvenskin may have elven origins. Its tensile fabric is lightweight and thus allows for ease of movement.

Quite a simple clothing, and yet the Elven Tunic icon.png Elven Tunic is a testimony to the fact that even simple elven creations are so good that they seem to be imbued with inexplicable efficacy.