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Elementals are beings that are completely harmonious or at one with nature.[1] This affinity allows them to control and call upon the many elements found in nature to their will, depending on what element they represent.


As previously stated, elementals are completely at one with nature. This means that they usually embody the aspect of nature that they represent: embodying the entirety of the element itself, borrowing aspects of nature into their form, or simply shaping their own body out of a specific element. This embodiment allows them to manipulate their respective elements to their will, and every power that they have focuses on their own elemental affinity.

Some elementals may have a liminal existence or the ability to planeshift, which means that they exist on more than one plane of existence or they can freely travel between planes, respectively. They usually exist on the material plane to embody their worldly elements and become physically observable in the forms that we see them in, but they also exist on another hidden plane that is ethereal or outright otherworldly. Notable planes of existence include the Astral Plane and the elemental realm.

Some elementals may serve a hidden master.

Notable Elementals[]


Ancient Apparition minimap icon.png Ancient Apparition, whose true name is Kaldr, is an elemental of ice.[2] As an elemental, he can manipulate the cold aspects of nature, such as freezing temperatures, cold caustic winds, and ice storms.[3]

  • Kaldr embodies the ice element, but the ice and cold of today is but an echo of what he truly embodies. It's implied that he actually embodies the universe's chilly temperatures that will soon grow colder to usher an event called the Great Equilibrium[4] where all matter will stop in his cold grip.[5]
  • Besides the material plane where we can observe his icy form and faded power, Kaldr exists outside of time in the cold infinite void that predates creation and will soon outlive it. [6]
  • Kaldr's master is Enigma.[7][8]

Leshrac minimap icon.png Leshrac, the Tormented Soul, was once a mundane philosopher who went to great lengths to find the meaning of existence. He was transformed into an elemental character after finding the horrifying truth at the heart of nature with the Chronoptic Crystals.

  • Leshrac is unique amongst the elementals. The nature he is aligned with is lurid and vile,[1] and its elements are impure and evil.[9][10] Unlike other elementals who can control a single element of nature, Leshrac can manipulate all the tainted elements found in his nature. In addition to that, he can manipulate space-time around him.[11]
  • He is a liminal being that exists half in one plane of existence, half in another. It's possible that he exists on the threshold between the material plane and the plane of existence where he found the evil heart of nature.
  • He doesn't seem to serve any master,[12] but he often invokes the Impurities as if they are someone/something of importance to him.[13][14][15]

Morphling minimap icon.png Morphling is a water elemental who arrived to the planet of the Dota 2 world on a comet. He can call upon the watery element to wash his foes away and crush them in the great resilience or quickness of the ever-changing element of water.

  • Although he did not come from this world, Morphling has since become one with the tides of the planet's oceans.[16]
  • This elemental exists on the Terrene Plane and the Astral Plane at once, allowing him to deal damage on both levels of existence.[17]
  • He is said to have an unknown and unnamed master, who was furious with his disappearance and has been looking for him by himself and by proxy of the Children of Light.[18][19]

Spirit Breaker minimap icon.png Spirit Breaker, also known as Barathrum, is an elemental being hailing from the elemental realm. He has borrowed the features of the bovian and simian creatures of the material plane to his physical avatar—an outward expression of his strength, agility, and cunning. Outside of his physical form, Barathrum is an elemental intelligence–meaning that his true form is actually a disembodied mind, much like the Ancients who are also classified as intelligences.[20]

  • Although not evident at first, Barathrum is harmonious with the elements in his own way. The symbol that appears when using his Charge of Darkness is the Taurus sign, which represents the earth element in astrology. The element is well represented by his Strength attribute symbol.png Strength attribute and his motif of iron, magnetism,[21] and crystals[22] all of which belong to the earth. Much like his fellow elemental planeswalker Leshrac, he can also manipulate the fabric of reality around him.[23][24]
  • Barathrum is a planeswalker. He originates from the elemental realm and has plane-shifted into the material plane, which is said to be a shadow of the former.
  • He serves a hidden master.

Possible Heroes[]

Bane minimap icon.png Bane, also known as Atropos, is said to be a Bane Elemental.[25] Abaddon also calls him an elemental, but it's unknown if Bane represents something in nature.[26]

  • Nothing besides his title and Abaddon's statement considers him as an elemental, however. At the very least, his embodiment comes from the ichor of Nyctasha, the goddess of fear. Because his form comes from Nyctasha's divine blood, he is also said to be the essence of fear itself.[27]

Earthshaker minimap icon.png Earthshaker is the earth itself given mortal form, He seems to qualify as an elemental, being one with the earth and having the ability to shape it, but the following reasons make his status ambiguous or anomalous at the very least.

  • His biography compares him to elemental species such as golems and gargoyles due to him being one with the earth just like them. It then proceeds to separate him from these elementals by saying that he serves no master, unlike most elementals.
  • Also, he has been separated from his element due to taking on a form of flesh and blood. When he finally dies, he will return back to the earth.

Enigma minimap icon.png Enigma is obviously not an elemental, but when his "pattern" or "form" dissolves, he will return to the "elemental force" to reincarnate.[28] However, his subordinate Kaldr calls him an elemental, further adding to the mystery of Enigma's true identity.[29]

  • He also refers to gold as "elemental gold", which is a line reserved for elementals like Leshrac.[30] It may refer to the speculation about Enigma being a universal alchemist who was cursed for his arrogance.[31][32] In alchemy, gold and the the four elements of nature are important subjects.
  • Adding further to his elemental nature, he has aligned himself with the elementals in Dota Underlords.[33][34]

Phoenix minimap icon.png Phoenix has been called an elemental by Bristleback.[35]

  • The Phoenix that we are familiar with is but a shadow of his real form. Phoenix is actually a young star that has taken a terrestrial form resembling that of a fiery bird.
  • Beyond Bristleback's statement, nothing (yet) suggests that he is an elemental, besides embodying flame in the form of a star.[36]

Razor minimap icon.png Razor, the Lightning Revenant, might be an elemental for the following reasons.

  • In Dota Underlords, he is classified as a Primordial Hero, an alliance which includes forces of nature like Fundamentals and elementals. He could be classified as the latter with his alignment to lightning.
  • He hails from the Narrow Maze or the Underscape, which is implied to exist in a spiritual plane of existence.[37][38] Despite being duty-bound to the afterlife, he has shifted out of those places, something that his master disapproves of.[39][40]
  • His master is Visage.[41][42]

Tiny minimap icon.png Tiny's status as an elemental is as ambiguous as his origins. The information that follows is based on the speculations made by Tiny himself.

  • Tiny speculates that he came from a splinter of a golem's heel or a chip from a gargoyle sculptor's workshop. Both entities are considered elementals according to Earthshaker's biography.
  • He also may have came to life as a pebble on the river, which is a natural part of the environment.[43] Earth Spirit claims that he was made from the soil, which is also a natural part of the environment.[44]
  • In Dota Underlords, he is classified as a Primordial Hero, an alliance which includes forces of nature like Fundamentals and elementals. He could be classified as the latter with his alignment to the earth.

Visage minimap icon.png Visage's lore does not explicitly classify him as an elemental, but it is somewhat evident in his features.

  • Earthshaker's bio classifies gargoyles as a type of elemental due to being one with the earth. As a gargoyle made of stone, he should qualify as well.[45]
  • This gargoyle hails from the Narrow Maze which is implied to exist in a spiritual plane of existence. He only shifts out of this plane to capture fugitive spirits who have managed to escape from their respective afterlife.
  • His creator and master is Necro'lic.[46]


Invoker Forged Spirit icon.png Forged Spirit is an elemental that is conjured by invoking the powers of Quas and Exort.

  • Forge Spirits embody the properties of the elements that create them. From Quas, they embody its properties of stubbornness, tenacity, and fortitude[47] which makes up their durability and persistence—the duration of their existence. From Exort, they embody its properties of strength, torridity, and brutality[48] which makes up their damage output.
  • Anyone who can summon them are considered as their masters. Notable masters include Invoker minimap icon.png Invoker and Culween.

Golems and Gargoyles are implied to be elementals, according to Earthshaker's biography.

Stone Giants may be a type of elemental.

Wind elementals exist in Windranger minimap icon.png Windranger's lore.[49]


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