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The Electronic Sports World Cup is an international professional gaming championship. Every year winners of national qualifier event around the world earn the right to represent their country in the ESWC Finals. The event has won a lot of praise for its organisation and ability to put on a good show for spectators.

The ESWC was originally created by a French company called Ligarena who previously hosted smaller LAN events in France under the name of LAN Arena. In 2003 Ligarena decided to do something on a larger scale and the ESWC was born. In 2005, Ligarena became Games-Services. In 2009, ESWC is bought by another French company called Games-Solution who became the owner of the brand.

The grand finals and masters of ESWC have had a total prize purse of 1,721,000 € from 2003 till 2010.