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Elder Titan minimap icon.png Elder Titan, the Worldsmith
Well may you ask, "How did this world take its form?" Why of all the worlds in creation, has this one its strange properties, its diverse and motley collection of creatures, cultures and lore? "The answer," One whispers, "lies with the Titans."

These original progenitors were there near the Beginning—if not actual witnesses to the creation, then born with it still echoing in their ears. Stamped with the earliest energies of the universe, they wished nothing more than to continue as creators themselves. Thus they bent to the task of shaping matter to their will: hammering and heating, bending and blasting. And when matter proved less challenging than they liked, they turned their tools upon themselves, reshaping their minds and reforging their spirits until they had become beings of great endurance. Reality itself became the ultimate object of their smithing. Yet, along the way, they sometimes erred. In cases of great ambition, mistakes are unavoidable.

The one we know as the Elder Titan was a great innovator, one who studied at the forge of creation. In honing his skills, he shattered something that could never be repaired, only thrown aside. He fell into his own broken world, a shattered soul himself. There he dwelt among the jagged shards and fissured planes, along with other lost fragments that had sifted down through the cracks in the early universe. And this is why the world we know resembles an isle of castaways, survivors of a wreck now long forgotten. Forgotten, that is, by all but the One who blames himself. He spends his time forever seeking a way to accomplish the repairs, that he might rejoin the parts of his broken soul, that we and the world alike might all be mended. This is the One we know as Elder Titan.
Elder Titan
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Associated With
Heroes Io minimap icon.png Io
Chaos Knight minimap icon.png Chaos Knight
Keeper of the Light minimap icon.png Keeper of the Light
Enigma minimap icon.png Enigma
Places The Seven Planes
Astral Plane
Gods Fundamentals
The Shaper
The Increate
  • Elder Titan speaks often of the Unity and the Great Symmetry, a state of being prior to the Schism, when the Fundamentals were created through division.[1][2]
  • Elder Titan exists on all Seven Planes at once.[3]
  • Elder Titan calls his Astral Spirit his "shadow soul". [4]
  • Elder Titan knew Treant Protector minimap icon.png Treant Protector and Earthshaker minimap icon.png Earthshaker in their past.[5][6]
  • Elder Titan has great respect for Lone Druid minimap icon.png Lone Druid.[7]
  • Elder Titan is sometimes known as the One.[8]
  • Elder Titan collects relics for safekeeping, including a piece of the Wyrmforge.[9]
  • Elder Titan only has one chance to repairing the world.[10]

Friendships and rivalries[]

Allies meeting Elder Titan

Enemies killing Elder Titan


  • ▶️ Oracle minimap icon.png r Those who wish to reach old age with impunity should avoid the elderly and seek immunity.


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