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Effigies modify the appearance of superficial buildings in the player's base. They have different textures for the Radiant icon.png Radiant and Dire icon.png Dire bases. A message is displayed whenever an effigy is destroyed in-game.


  • Right click the effigy block in the Armory to bring up the Sculptor tool.
  • Select the hero's equipment and pose.
    • Equipping certain cosmetic items in the Loadout screen will grant custom animations for the Sculptor tool.
      • Not all custom animations are available for poses.
  • Statues can be created with an inscription, which is viewable when other players click on the structure.
  • If a cosmetic item piece has 2 or more styles, the first/default variation is used.
  • Consume the effigy block to create the statue.
  • Once created, the statue cannot be changed unless an Effigy Reforger is used.

Battle Cup Effigies[]

Special effigies can be earned by winning tournaments in the Weekend Battle Cup. No item is associated with this effigy, it is granted automatically.