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ESL One Frankfurt 2014
Cosmetic icon ESL One Frankfurt 2014.png
Ticket 15748
Rarity: Rare

On June 28th and 29th, eight of the best teams from around the world travel to Frankfurt, Germany to battle it out for the $150,000+ prize pool. Purchase the Compendium, increase the prize pool, and receive stretch goal items. The stretch goals include Battle Point Booster, HUD, Loading Screen, Earthshaker Totem, and a unique Lifestealer Set!
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This ticket supports the compendium feature.

Stretch Goals[]

$2.50 USD from each ticket sale contributes to the total tournament prize pool. Content is unlocked for ticket owners once certain stretch goals are reached. After community feedback some stretch goals have been changed.[1]

Total Prize Pool: $210,900 USD[2]

Goal Status Reward Notes
$150,000 YesY
$160,000 YesY
$170,000 YesY
$185,000 YesY
$190,000 YesY Previous goal was $200,000.[3]
$200,000 YesY Previous goal was $250,000.[3]
$225,000 NoN Pudge minimap icon.png Pudge fat suit wrestling at the event. Non mentioned after update.[4]
$300,000 NoN TobiWan cosplay during the Finals. Non mentioned after update.[4]
$400,000 NoN Secret! To be revealed soon... Non mentioned after update.[4]