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Tournament icon DreamLeague.png DreamLeague Season 7
DreamLeague Season 7.jpg
United States Atlanta
Start Date:21 July 2017
End Date:22 July 2017
Prize Pool:$175,000

DreamLeague Season 7 is the seventh season of the DreamLeague series of tournaments held by European organization DreamHack. It will take place in Atlanta in late July, 2017. Four teams will compete in the double elimination finals.[1]


Date Event Notes
July 21-22 Playoffs
  • Four teams
  • Double elimination best-of-three bracket
  • Best-of-five Grand Final with upper bracket advantage


Team Secret
Team logo Team Secret.png
South Korea MP
Malaysia MidOne
Germany KheZu
Jordan YapzOr
Estonia Puppey
EU Division
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Team Liquid
Team icon Team Liquid.png
Jordan Miracle-
Bulgaria MinD_ContRoL
Lebanon GH
Germany KuroKy
EU Division
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Vega Squadron
Team icon Vega Squadron.png
Russia G
Russia AfterLife
Ukraine CemaTheSla…
Russia Silent
EU Division
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Planet Odd
Team icon Planet Odd.png
Ukraine Resolut1on
Romania w33
Canada MoonMeander
Denmark MiSeRy
Macedonia Saksa
NA Division
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  Round 1 Round 2 Grand Final
Winner's bracket
  Team Secret Team Secret 1
  Planet Odd Planet Odd 2
  Planet Odd Planet Odd 0
  Team Liquid Team Liquid 2
  Team Liquid Team Liquid 2
  Vega Squadron Vega Squadron 0
  Team Liquid Team Liquid Champion 3
  Planet Odd Planet Odd 2
Loser's bracket
  Planet Odd Planet Odd 2
  Team Secret Team Secret 2
  Team Secret Team Secret 0
  Vega Squadron Vega Squadron 1

Prize Allocation[1][]

Final Prize Pool: $175,000 USD
Place Team Winnings Percent
A11st  Team Liquid Team Liquid $80,000 45.71%
A22nd  Planet Odd Planet Odd $45,000 25.71%
A33rd  Team Secret Team Secret $30,000 17.14%
A44th  Vega Squadron Vega Squadron $20,000 11.43%


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