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Drakinds are a race of dragons. Judging by their name and the surrounding context, Drakinds might be another name for drakes, since drakinds is just the word "drake" combined with the suffix "-kind".

However, there may be a distinction between drakinds and drakes. Instead of being the same, drakinds may be related to drakes. They may even be a different class of drakes. Or perhaps they have nothing to do with drakes at all...


Little is known about the great Drakinds. All we know about them is that the last of their kind was chained in iron.[1]

But if the great drakinds are actually real drakes, then there's more to them that we know. A drake's underbelly is coated in light and colorful scales, although said properties may only apply to the armour that's forged from their ventral scales, not their original state.[2] The features of their head includes a medium snout, jaws lined with sharp teeth, red eyes, and one or three pairs of horns, judging by the several equipment fashioned from their likeness.[3][4][5] Even a small portion of a red drake's spine is quite prized and considerably heavy.[6]

Also, if Dota 2's drakinds are actually traditional drakes from modern fantasy, then they might have a drake's features, which is simply a dragon with four limbs and no wings.

Notable Drakinds[]

It seems that the great Drakinds are extinct, likely because of them being wiped out by dragon slayers in battle. The last of their kind was chained in bonds made of iron.[1]

If Drakinds are traditional Drakes with four limbs and no wings, rather than small or young Dragons, then this lunar dragon Ormr is a drake because of its similar appearances. But, this is contradicted by the existence of the winged black drakes, implying that drakes are simply smaller and perhaps young dragons.



If Drakinds are drakes, then Bloodseeker minimap icon.png Bloodseeker has a pair of heavy blades that are fitted with a red drake's spine at their rear end, providing an excellent counterbalance to them.[6]

Dragon Knight minimap icon.png Dragon Knight wears a fire-blessed suit of armour made from drake stuff. His helm is forged from the same iron that chained the last of the great drakinds. This feature has made it valuable and thus it's coveted by many dragonslayers.[1] His armor also includes a pair of light and colorful bracers forged from a drake's underbelly,[2] a pair of pauldrons emblazoned with the visage of a fallen drake,[3] and a long cape designed in honor of all drakes who have died in battle.[7] Sir Davion carries the Shield of the Drake with this armor, which is forged from silver, jeweled with crimsonstone, and ensorcelled with the deepest protectional magics.[4] Complimenting the shield is his Sword of the Drake, one of the few swords in existence known to have slain more than one dragon.[5]


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