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Dragons are one or more related races in Dota 2 lore. Numerous references can be found to dragons, drakes, wyrms, eldwurms, wyverns, and drakinds. It is unknown what the distinction between these descriptions is. Books outlining dragon cladistics can be found in the Ultimyr Archives.[1]


  • The oldest ancestral strains of dragons were eyeless, and worn iron armor. These ancient dragons terrorized kingdoms in times long since forgotten.[2]
  • Sea Dragons inhabit the ocean depths. When fighting a dragon, and shield is of utmost importance, as dragons always strike first.[3] Dragons are known for hoarding gold and treasures.[4]
  • Lunar Dragons inhabit the dark side of the moon.[5]
  • Razorwyrms may also be a type of dragon.
  • Pyrexae Dragons are attuned to fire or ice.
  • Netherdrakes may or may not be related to dragons.
  • Undead Dragons, whose bodies are made of bone and rotting flesh.
  • Desert Wyrms, native to the Desert of Misrule.[6]

Body parts[]

Many equipment are made from the body parts of dragons.

Through various means, humans can receive dragon blood, mixing it with their own. The best known example is Davion, the Dragon Knight minimap icon.png Dragon Knight, although he is not the only one. For a few recipients of dragon blood, the magical effects become magnified and distorted, drawing powers from all ancestral dragon strains.[2] Dragon blood can also be used to brew a potent, flaming drink.[7]

A dragon's flameglands exhale fires strong enough to forge new alloys,[8] and possibly dragon-steel.[9] Dragon fire is also used in hardening drinking vessels.[10]

Dragon's saliva is used in alchemy, but needs to be contained with "special alloys", possible due to its corrosive nature.[11]

Dragon's teeth are used in making saws, capable of cutting through armor.[12]

Dragon's claws are used in making hooks.[13]

The spine of a red drake is used to crafting blades.[14]



The dragon toads are distantly related to dragons.[15]

In Dota: Dragon's Blood[]

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This section contains spoilers!
This section contains spoilers about Dota: Dragon's Blood

All dragons in the story of Dragon's Blood are classified by the four fundamental forces and the four classical elements that they can manipulate. For the elements of nature, there are fire dragons, water dragons, air dragons, and earth dragons. And for the fundamental forces, there are void dragons, ionic dragons, luminous (or gold) dragons, and chaos dragons. They are further classified by their age, starting with the youngest, smallest, and weakest dragons that are known as hatchlings, wyrmlings (who are the equivalent of teenage or adolescent dragons), adults, and eldwurms—the oldest, largest, sleepiest, and the most powerful dragons. Regardless of what stage they are in, they are extremely deadly as Bram notes that even hatchlings can tear a grown man's face off.[16]

A superficial view on these dragons may cause one to think that they are all distinct entities on their own, but that is not the case. All dragons within a single elemental/fundamental species are actually the physical avatars of their respective Eldwurms (note the capital "E" that differentiates them from eldwurms who are just old dragons)[17], mere extensions of the Eldwurm's vast embodiment. Because of this, they lack their own soul (hence its lack of consciousness and self-awareness) until an Eldwurm incarnates/reincarnates into these soulless bodies.[18]


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