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  • Impact sounds play when the attack successfully hits a target. Consists of 1 main impact + additional attack impact.

Dragon Form[]

  • On each level, Dragon Knight uses a different projectile launch sound
  • ▶️ Projectile impact sound plays when the attack projectile successfully hits the target.


As knight[]

As dragon[]


Breathe Fire[]

Dragon Tail[]

  • ▶️ Cast sound plays on Dragon Knight only while in Elder Dragon Form upon cast.
  • ▶️ Target sound on the target upon cast, or upon projectile impact.
  • ▶️ Full sound example while in Elder Dragon Form.

Kindred of the Iron Dragon

  • ▶️ Plays together with the default target sound as an overlay.
  • ▶️ Full sound example.
  • ▶️ Full sound example while in Elder Dragon Form.

Dragon Blood[]

  • Dragon Blood does not use any sound effects.

Elder Dragon Form[]

  • ▶️ Cast sound on Dragon Knight upon cast.
  • ▶️ End sound on Dragon Knight upon turning back into a knight.


  • ▶️ Intro sound used in the tutorial (50% vol).